An appeal to the people of europe,by Philip Ekozyants in Kharkov

The sincere pouring of emotions from all corners of the world is a beautiful thing to witness. Ordinary people are getting up from their seats and doing “something”.  The greatness in the people of Ukraine is being reawoken and their Russian heritage is returning to them.

The shame of the post Soviet period might just become a distant memory rather than a recent tragedy. The United States might have woken up something they never intended to wake ever again; the Russian spirit.

The Ukraine has a new hope to chart its destiny as a Russian people.

As one reader wrote earlier from Germany:

“If Ukraine goes to the West, it will go into the sunset of a declining part of the world.

If you go East, you will go into the sunrise of a rich and prosperous commonwealth.

I wished we in Germany would have the choice that you have.”

(Dr. Bernhard Seitz, “Let my people Go”)

I also would to specially thank @Catherina_News for translation and publication.



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