Starving African child – Ukraine’s Future, by Keith Nelson-Tomsen in UK

Sometimes an honest,heartfelt telling of the truth strikes the heart of the matter. For where ever your loyalties are on the global stage, we all stay loyal to the human in us.

This letter beautifully captures this reality by appealing to the average Ukrainian from the other side of what is being shown as some glorious epitome of European achievement; EU membership.

This letter was received as part of the original Saker appeal to the Ukrainians to stop the war. If you would like to join the International appeal then please send us your short appeals at


I am writing to you as a proud Englishman and citizen of an EU member state. I have been horrified by the actions of my leaders, the horrors perpetrated against you and your country and done in my name. I can only appeal to you on the grounds of all humanity to call on your new leaders to stop this madness.

Please understand that the lure of a golden future in the West is a gross exaggeration and those that offer it to tempt you have

Only their own very selfish interests at heart.

In the EU, Ukrainians will be at best second class citizens like the Poles or most probably third class like the Romanians. Your industries will be decimated, while the only beneficiaries will be the very corrupt oligarch cliché and their EU/US counterparts, that you originally protested against to remove.

You are now being cynically pitted against your former friends and comrades in the East of your country and used as a selfish tool against the Russian federation. Do not be fooled by crocodile tears, as those in the West how wring their humanity on public podiums do not care about your pain or suffering, but actually seek to see as many suffer as possible as it is good for their politics against Russia.

No meaningful help will be sent to you, you will simply suffer the further humiliation of being presented as a helpless victim, rather like a starving African child.

Demand Peace and Demand Reconciliation. Denounce the falsehoods of paid placemen leaders and of their insincere backers.

This and this alone will save your nation, a nation that your new friends and leaders are only too happy to sacrifice on the Altars of their own vanity and ambition.

In All Kindness and Humility.

Keith Nelson-Tomsen

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