Narrative fuels police state, by Tom Mysiewicz

While the world attention has focused on a race analysis of the shooting in Ferguson, Tom takes a look from a different angle. He diligently backs up his claims with evidence that points to a different motive.
The emergence of the US Police State has been a phenomenon in the making for a while. Each protest and each police response to violence is an opportunity for the state to be either benevolent or vindictive. Scanning US domestic media shows us a curtailing of rights,militarization of police and police brutality on the rise. This unfortunately points towards the latter.


It’s my contention that the alleged race-based police shooting in Ferguson, Mo.. is, in fact, a concoction exploited by politicians and their paid rabble rousers to expand police powers and create a state of quasi-martial-law in the U.S. based on fear in the general population—on one hand—and rage on the part of paid provocateurs, gangs, and easily-misled black citizens.

This is part of an ongoing process of terrorizing the population to accept greater restrictions in return for “saftey”—much as the drug menace was used to create public acceptance for the war on drugs.  This war cost people a great deal of personal and financial freedom but failed to solve any of the underlying problems.

Prima facie evidence that, this time around, the general public is skeptical of the Ferguson, Mo./Mike Brown narrative presented by the controlled mainstream media, black “activists”, and the Obama Administration is evidenced by the financial contributions made by the general public.  These are running in a nearly 2:1 ratio in favor of the defense of officer Darren Wilson vs. money for Michael Brown’s family.  Wilson’s defense fund has raised in excess of $400,000 as of this writing.

Part of this skepticism may be due to the fact that the vast majority of violent interracial crime in the U.S.—more than 80%–is perpetrated against whites. For of the 20% of violent crimes that are interracial, 15% involve black offenders and white victims; 2% involve white offenders and black victims.  There is, in fact, an epidemic of such crime fueled by a large number of black youth in the U.S. with below-average IQ’s.  Instead of being given vocational training in line with their abilities they are told by educators they cannot compete because of “white racism.”  This produces great hostility against whites, the vast majority of whom never did anything to harm blacks or even had a distant ancestor who held slaves.  (Much more black crime is directed at other blacks—perhaps indicating a concern of the voters of Ferguson who outnumber white voters by more than 2:1 and could easily have had a mostly black police force if they so desired.)

Whites, in fact, are the victims of systematic official discrimination in work, housing, and education.  Many whites do not get a job, get promoted, get subsidized housing  or attend the school of their choice because of their race.  These benefits go to less-qualified blacks.  This is euphemistically called “affirmative action.”

While the large number of blacks in the prison population is held up as an example of race-based justice, the reality is that blacks commit an inordinate amount of crime per capita—whatever the reason.  In practice, it is white victims that get the short end of the stick.  For instance, in a horrific rape-torture-murder of a white couple in Tennessee several years back, the black perpetrators used the defense that the female victim wanted to be killed this way and had hired them!  All got light sentences and the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole is now considering releasing one of these criminals[1].

In the mid-1990s, the Center for Equal Opportunity analyzed 55,512 felony cases filed in state courts for the 75 largest counties, representing 37% of the U.S. population. The weighted data revealed that juries actually acquit blacks at a higher rate than whites for 12 of the 14 types of crime studied—including murder, rape, robbery and assault. The only category that had a higher conviction rate for African-Americans was felony traffic offenses.

Darren Wilson, Ferguson Police Officer involved in Mike Brown shooting.  Hardly the face of a psychopathic racist killer.
Darren Wilson, Ferguson Police Officer involved in Mike Brown shooting. Hardly the face of a psychopathic racist killer.

Contrary to the numerous inflammatory public statements claiming Brown was either running away from Officer Wilson with his hands up or on his knees with hands up—shot execution style by the “racist cop (hence the slogan: “Hands up, don’t shoot.”)—Brown was shot all times in the front, with his hands down, and was apparently running towards the officer.  The last shot, to the top of his head, was apparently fired as the suspect was falling after the other 5-6 shots had likely failed to stop his charge.

Michael Brown, 6’5” ex-football linebacker, in a reported strong-arm robbery of a convenience store just prior to his shooting by Darren Wilson.
Michael Brown, 6’5” ex-football linebacker, in a reported strong-arm robbery of a convenience store just prior to his shooting by Darren Wilson.

Obviously, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the media and the outside agitators were well aware that Brown had NOT been shot in the back or kneeling with his hands up as his body was lying in plain view inside the police lines and was likely seen by dozens of eyewitnesses.  Yet these people—aided and abetted (by their silence) incitement to riot, which included chants calling for the death of officer Wilson.  Ample proof can be seen in the following excerpt from an autopsy of Mike Brown by former NYC Medical Examiner Michael M. Baden (N.Y. Times, Aug.  17, 2014):


There were no wounds on the back or powder burns on Brown’s body, indicating that he had not been shot at close range, execution style.  A recently released audio recording of Wilson firing 11 shots in rapid succession does not—as the media indicates—show recklessness.  It indicates an officer, in fear of his life, attempting to stop a massive suspect (who had already beaten him, fractured an eye socket, and attempted to take his service revolver.)

While Brown’s alleged accomplice in the assault and robbery of the convenience store—Dorian Johnson–has since recanted his story after the autopsy results were released, several other accounts have surfaced confirming that Brown, a former school football linebacker, turned on the officer and rushed toward him, causing the officer to fire.

 A local radio station, KFTK, recently broadcast what is claimed to be the officer’s account of the event as told to his “significant other”[2].

 According to this statement, Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were walking in the middle of the street, refusing to get out of the street after Wilson asked them to do so.  At that point, Wilson got a call about a “strong-arm” robbery, and saw the cigars (a $50 pack of “Tiparillos” cigars) that Brown allegedly stole from a convenience store.  When Wilson opened the door to get out of the police car, Brown pushed the door shut and punched Wilson in the face and attempted to get the officer’s sidearm.  The gun went off once in the struggle.  Brown and Johnson started running away and, following protocol, Wilson pursued them and yelled, “Freeze.”  The caller alleges Brown then started taunting Wilson and daring him to shoot.  Brown reportedly turned and rushed the cop again.

The aftermath of this event is equally suspect and is fraught with outside agitators, possibly paid gang organizers and suspicious arsons and “spontaneous” gatherings.  The latest installment on the Nodisinfo website—which deals with false-flag events—asserts the subsequent fire at the QT convenience store where Brown allegedly stole his cigarillos was staged using pyrotechnics and propane cylinders:

Photo Credit: KMOX News, M. Calhoun Nodisinfo notes:  Notice the lack of a full gutting of the building. The fire was likely set with propane torches using pyrotechnic accelerants.
Photo Credit: KMOX News, M. Calhoun
Nodisinfo notes: Notice the lack of a full gutting of the building. The fire was likely set with propane torches using pyrotechnic accelerants.

Concludes Nodisinfo:  “The use of (a) flare gun is hard proof of the hoax. The QT riots and looting were fully staged. It was not a spontaneous act at all. Rather, it was a pre-planned part of the Ferguson scam known, here, as the Ferguson Martial Law hoax. There was nothing spontaneous about it. Rather, it was all plotted and planned under the auspices of the Zionist-controlled military-police apparatus, with full knowledge and coordination of the Ferguson police force.”

Tom Mysiewicz is best known as the founder and editor of  BioEngineering News, first weekly news service covering the biotechnology field from 1980 through 1993. Winner of award for excellence in spot news reporting from Newsletter Association of America (1981). 

He has been quoted as an expert on biotechnology in publications such as: Chemical Week, Business Week, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, San Jose Mercury Messenger, the Economist, San Francisco Examiner, Venture Magazine, etc.

For the past 10 years he has devoted himself to a correct (often controversial) analysis of Middle Eastern affairs and is looking with greater interest at Eurasia, where he sees Russia as a necessary counterbalance in a monopolar world, and South America.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.


There is a petition “Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole: Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman, Offender #473393” on

[2]Audio of friend of Officer Wilson relating officer’s version of the incident (based on her conversation with Wilson’s “significant other”:


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9 thoughts on “Narrative fuels police state, by Tom Mysiewicz”

  1. This looks too much like a defence of the yankee police state from a racist perspective rather than a critique of the police state based on the fact it is not limited to racial minorities. In fact, I did have a friend who was murdered by thugs in police uniform back in 1993, and he was white. Each of the thugs had gotten away with murder on two different earlier occasions. But I also knew a thug in police uniform who was given a cushy pension at age 30 because it was cheaper to pay him for life for doing nothing rather than let him get away with murders which still cost the city in civil lawsuit payouts (which were still possible at this time, 30-35 years ago. Since this time, the rule of law has been further undermined.
    The racism of the commenter is revealed in his attempting to show that Brown was not factually murdered based on quibbles about the story. The fact is, he was gunned down in cold blood by a thug who knew he could get away with it; propaganda excuses emerged days later. Their timing was suspicious and typical of yankee police thugs doing lockdown lying. This posting does not befit an anti-fascist website.

  2. The perspective offered by the author resembles the narrative confected by the white police protecting their own. There is no evidence Wilson was attacked let alone injured. Witnesses said that Brown had his hands up in a surrender position when he was shot to death.

    Saker: I know you don’t necessarily endorse the views of the author, but this kind of article does not reflect well on an otherwise excellent blog.

  3. @Jungle Jim

    If the events in Ukraine have taught us one thing, it is that the mainstream cannot be relied upon. At all. We simply do not know when they will tell the truth and when they will lie.

    Only objective reasoning, critical thinking and an analysis of the situation can point us in the right direction. Even then we will almost never be certain. This is the best that can be said about political events.

    Now, focus your attention to the author’s title and conclusion. This is not about race and the author is not a racist either. The white police protecting their own are yet another interest group in the competing narratives of what happened.

    Regardless of if the officer was assaulted or not what we have seen is that this was contained with deadly efficiency. Not only that but this situation was a good testing of the waters for the state. This does not mean the state was complicit, it merely means that even if we disagree with the author, regarding a pre-planned campaign, the state used the situation to further the cause of militarizing the police.

    I would see this event in line with the long list of police brutality cases littered around, the breakdown of social justice and the worsening economic reality across America.

    Race is just another card being used to divide what should/will(wishful thinking?) turn into a united opposition against an undemocratic government.

  4. A box of Tiparillos which are about the cheapest cigars you can buy does not cost 50 bucks. More like 2 bucks. Obviously a racist article contradicts facts about cops targeting blacks that have been known since Christ was a corporal. Why would you tarnish your cred by publishing such garbage?
    I thought this was a good site to find info on Ukraine. Now I know it can’t be trusted. You should stick with what you know instead of venturing into racist screeds by supporters of the totalitarian state.

  5. @ Rabbit

    (Taken from a posted reply to a similar attack on a journalist on another article regarding the Ukraine crisis)

    While we really encourage debate and fact based discussion at the Oceania Saker, we are not fond of character assassinations.

    Oceania Saker does not restrict the parameters of journalism and opinion making to some holy passed down criteria set by some standard.

    Logic,truth and common sense stand out to everyone. To even suggest that educated,informed and intelligent individuals cannot uncover the truth by simply reading,digesting and analysing information is alarming. This is the problem with the common person these days. The idea that somehow magically someone on TV will work in your interest and give you the truth on a silver spoon is folly.

    If anything, the Ukraine crisis has shown us that the mainstream press is absolutely not reliable in any sense of the word. That leaders in the western hemisphere are actively waging war,deliberately and with full knowledge.

    Frankly, the allegations against Mr. Tom in your post are highly irresponsible, without foundation and arrogant to boot. Tom raises vital questions and points that need addressing. Not only that but he goes further and simply lays it bare for you to digest. How is that not a qualified assessment?

    We at Oceania Saker will continue to publish and standby all our contributors so long as they offer opinions based on facts, plausible theories and critical reasoning. Getting the price of cigars wrong (allegedly) is not a crucial piece of evidence when you have a post mortem reports and evidence to back up your conclusion.

    Journalism is not a game of dancing around the truth as the official Imperial Mouthpiece BBC does. Journalism is not what the Guardian, NY Times and CNN do.

    Journalism is speaking the truth, having an opinion and taking responsibility of your words. Mike Whitney, John Pilger,Pepe Escobar, Robert Fisk, André Vltchek, Tom Mysiewicz and many others fit that criteria. And anyone with intellect, common sense and a sense of moral right and wrong can seek information,digest information,assess information and make a critically reasoned conclusion.

    Tom is not talking about quantum physics and if he was, I am confident he would seek the right information and make the most reasonable conclusion when publishing an article.

    Please read what Tom has written and judge it based on its credibility,plausibility and common sense. Make an informed opinion and do not wait for some half two bit CNN anchor to give you a biased 5 minute assessment.

    Tom is raising the vital question of a police state in the making. The issue is not about race, that is the whole point. By Tom’s ultimate conclusion he himself takes “race” out of the equation. “Race” is a legitimate issue but not what should be the focus. The focus should be police brutality and the fact that so silently they were able to not just shut the protest down but infringe on civil rights.

    To the elite 1% it does not matter if you are blue,black, brown or white. You are the economic underclass. This is a class struggle and not a race struggle.


  6. The powerful American anti-Communist lawyer Roy Cohn once said that, in the hands of a skilled prosecutor, a grand jury was like a nuclear guided missile. For the average Joe there was no hope of escape. So it says much when, under massive public and governmental pressure, a grand jury cannot indict police officer Wilson. Why is that, when they have access to all of the known facts and evidence and they are under massive media and government pressure to indict the man? Because Wilson would not be found guilty were he brought to trial, i.e., he is innocent of the charges.

    The issue is not the price of a carton of Tiparillos. Brown did not get shot because he stole a pack of Tiparillos. The issue is that the alleged abuse of blacks by whites at large is a canard. The vast majority of violent interracial crime is directed against whites—horrific crime in many cases such as this:

    Since LBJ’s “Great Society” program began in 1965, whites have paid the bulk of $15-trillion in antipoverty funds benefitting blacks and other minorities yet are subjected to official discrimination in the firm of “affirmative action”. The myth of white racism—really more white fear of black violent crime directed against them—is fostered by the media and power structure much as the myth of Russia invading Ukraine is fostered by the selfsame people. My article points out that this narrative is false and based on false premises precisely to foster an increasingly repressive fascistic state offering protection.

    I do not “hate” anyone simply because of whatever race they happen to be—unlike many of the nonwhites I have encountered. (If there are any publicity aimed at racially harmonizing nonwhites in the U.S., I have yet to see them. Show me one “civil rights” leader that has spoken out against the racially motivated violence against whites in the U.S.) It is corrupt situational-political ethics that has produced the world system we now face. I for one will not keep silent for political expediency, for instance, to destroy a man’s life—Wilson’s in this case–for doing his duty and defending his life. I will not say Russia is invading Ukraine, when it is not. I will not approve of the Israeli land theft and mass killing of Palestinians—or the killing of Russian “beetles” by Right Sector and Ukie– because it is detrimental to my career not to do so. I have opposed all corrupt wars in recent decades from Yugoslavia to Libya and Syria.

  7. Before someone goes ahead and makes an issue out of another out of context sentence, I would like to give a response to:

    “The myth of white racism—really more white fear of black violent crime directed against them—is fostered by the media and power structure much as the myth of Russia invading Ukraine is fostered by the selfsame people.”

    I do not believe Tom is implying that all black people commit violent crime nor that black people are prone to commit violent crime nor that they are inferior in any way shape or form.

    He is pointing out that what we may perceive as racism is basically fear which is not helped by not addressing core issues in a society. Issues relating to education, poverty, corporate agendas, a private media for the highest bidder and yes even racism.

    We at Oceania Saker, believe that resistance to authority can only be broken by division. And this is exactly what is happening around the world and not just in America. It is not a race, environment or PETA issue. It is an issue about the class struggle. It is the age old Socialism for the masses vs. extreme capitalism for the benefit of the few. Do not even get us started on “privately funded democracy” .


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