Ukrainian 5th battalion in retreat

While the news of the Junta defeat is abound on all front pages of the alternative press, the following report is not fresh off the press but illustrates the reality of war.

Brothers were pitted against brothers, pumped up by foreign capital, armed by NATO and told they were protecting their land against a non-existent enemy. Lunacy has been a cornerstone of western military intervention.

We should not hate the ordinary people who, until the US/EU decided to use for profit, were just a year ago desperately trying to survive in a failing state. Now they retreat on farm vehicles, it is a tragic sight to see ordinary men and women reduced to insignificant play things for the oligarchy.

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Translation by Anton.


Around 400 soldiers from the 5th territorial defence battalion, on broken school busses, stopped at a roadblock on the Orehovskaya road at the entrance to Zaporojie. The soldiers demanded that they be let through to go home to Ivano-Frankovsk. The battalion from the start of July has been surrounded in Amvrosivka 5km from the Russian border and only this Sunday has been able to get out of the shelling. After this they have been moving west. Trying to save their own lives, the soldiers, without orders, left the positions in which they were under fire for a long time from the territory of the neighbouring country.


From the words of the soldiers, they left the battleground last. With them there were also the 24th, 72nd, and 79th brigades around Amvrosivka, these left several weeks ago to other ATO areas or went on leave. Apart from this, calling what happened to them when they were surrounded a battle wasn’t accurate. The shelling only came from one side, from Russia. The soldiers were ordered to wait it out in the trenches.


The soldiers were getting around on half broken school busses and agricultural vehicles. Sometimes they had to go through roadblocks in grain trucks.


The soldiers were not being let through into Zaporojie. They were being offered to pass only if they left their weapons. A military enlistment officer from Zaporojie came to see what was going on. He tried to convince the soldier to wait for their commanders, but the soldiers were firm.


The entire 5th territorial defence battalion were mobilised in the second wave of mobilisation, there are also volunteers among them. Everybody is equipped exclusively through volunteer contributions. Now the column of the vehicles has started moving towards Ivano-Frankovsk.


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