Islamic State & the war in Ukraine

This small (4 minute) interview with Sharmine Narwani is an excellent analysis of the US re-invasion of Iraq.

The Ukrainian Junta and IS are monsters of western creation, with the IS (Islamic State) being a partnership with gulf arab states. Both further US strategic interests:

1) In Ukraine the objective is to install a permanent state of war in Russia’s backyard and any criticism of the regime will be blacked out. The eventual target is of course destruction of Russia. 

2) In the Middle East the objective is to break up Iraq into 3 pieces, install a permanent state of war and to weaken Syria,Lebanon & Iran. All three countries can resolve this crisis on their own. Hence the artificial hollywood line up of executions to promote direct US involvement. They could not have Iran,Syria,Lebanon (with Russian assistance) kill their demon baby (Islamic State).

Prognosis: US failure as the “coalition of the unwilling tyrants” has no appetite for war on both fronts;

1) Europe is living a nightmare it cannot be woken out of, even a defeat militarily (though NATO intervention is highly unlikely) would be welcome relief. The latest ceasefire is a farce and an outcome of Russia’s own 5th column that has been limiting a quick resolution since day one. Putin is not almighty as many believe. This situation will keep developing and eventually should lead to a purge in the Russian government apparatus. It is highly unlikely that the US will succeed in its long term objectives, it has however underscored short term wins in Ukraine. Almost all of Ukraine has been either sold off or is in the process.

2)In the Middle East the new demon baby (after Israel of course) is running loose but that may have been the intention afterall. For the US to keep its “allies” in check. The US strategic aim is again a permanent state of war not peace. The gulf arab contribution to the creation of IS is irrelevant as they have obviously not thought this one through. There is no way the gulf arab states can defend themselves against battle hardened guerrillas. For a moment consider how they have not once defended themselves in recent history.

A key litmus test, of the direction of the US campaign, would be Syria’s reaction to US attacks on its forces. This will most likely happen as the US did not get the chance last year, remember they still want regime change in Syria. That is still the plan.


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