The “Russia Insider” project is officially launched today!

The alternative media community is continuously evolving,growing in mass appeal and making a difference. This is not the internet of the 1990s, the audience is mature, the world has changed and reality has hit people straight centre in the face.

The economic climate globally has given people the shock that was needed to pull them out of the trance-like hypnosis from the Ministry of  Truth. The NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC and other propaganda outlets have effectively written themselves out of existence. No sane individual can now claim, with a straight face, that the western “press” reports objectively. The lies are so blatant that they would make Goebbels crack open a bottle of champaign in celebration of his vision.

With war being waged on Russian interests right from the Middle East to Ukraine, this latest project has come live at the right time.

Originally announced at The Saker and copied below.



I am delighted to announce that I have been contacted by the editors of the new website Russia Insider and that I have accepted their offer to collaborate with them.  I did agree to this not only because I knew several of the excellent contributors to this project, but also because I truly believe that it is a much needed, timely and very important project (please see Russia Insider’s “About” page for more details and background)

Check out today’s CrossTalk where the Editor in Chief of Russia Insider,  Charles Bausman, is one of the guests:

A very good project, with very good people doing something very important – how could I refuse?!  I gratefully accepted.

I strongly believe that bringing the true story about modern Russia is crucial, especially for the English speaking world.  At a time when everything Russian is demonized and some crazy, but powerful, maniacs are dreaming about yet another war (Cold or Hot) against Russia, it is absolutely crucial to deconstruct the warmongering anti-Russian propaganda and to replace it with a much more complex and nuanced understanding of the true Russia, not the fictional Land of Mordor the Neocons are trying to portray.

There have been many conflicts between the West and Russia in the past, but for the first time, in the age of the Internet, we – in the West and in Russia – have the means to stop the current one and to prevent it from turning into yet another a full-scale continental war.  We need to fight that “information war” and we need to win it.


Please help us fight this war and contribute in any way you can: first and foremost, spread the word about Russia Insider on the social media, post links to the Russia Insider homepage on your blogs and websites, subscribe to the Russia Insider YouTube channel, subscribe to the newsletter (on the homepage), help us organize a crowdfunding for the site or join our community of contributors.  Last, but not least, sign up for the RSS feed and make sure to check the Russia Insider website at least once a day.

I am absolutely delighted and honored to be associated with this project which I believe will become a key player on the international scene.

Kind regards,

The Saker

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Are Europe’s Horrid Crimes Forgiven?, by André Vltchek

Many North American intellectuals have this ongoing love affair with everything that is European, particularly with the European ‘social system’ and ‘European culture’.

It is a deadly, shameful obsession; partially based on a desperate desire to maintain the belief that the West is not finished, yet, and that to a great extent it is still superior to the rest of the world. Europe is portrayed as ‘unique’, as different to the United States, as something that is worth admiring… or at least its past and its essence.

It is never propounded or defined like that, of course, but this belief (and yes, it really resembles a religious faith) indirectly points out that it is quite legitimate that the West (or at least a big part of the West) continues its rule over our planet.

It is obvious that many men and women from the Left, living in North America, actually believe in Western “Exceptionalism”; not that of the United States, but that of Europe.

North American Eurocentric intellectuals tell us indirectly or even directly, that the US is some kind of desperado, which is derailing that wonderful, that glorious, centuries old, European cultural process, and the quest for egalitarianism.

Europe is often shown as a contrast, or counter-pole, to the United States, to its brutal selfishness and turbo capitalism… This is how the reality is depicted in so many progressive films, books and essays.

[Please click below to continue reading]

Continue reading Are Europe’s Horrid Crimes Forgiven?, by André Vltchek

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