Official Story on Deaths of Saddam’s Sons “Wags the Dog”, by Michel Chossudovsky

Our article from yesterday showed the barbarity of the west in its genocide of the Iraqi people. The article you are about to read today, illustrates the defiant nature of the Iraqi people and tells us why they cannot be defeated.

Much has been said in the main stream “press” about Saddam’s sons but that is not what this is about. It is about the day light murder,rape & pillage of a strong sovereign nation. This is not the first time Baghdad has been razed to the ground, it shall rebuild as it has before.

The bravery of a 14 year old, shot in cold blood by heavily armed occupation forces, gives a fitting “picture” to remember the Iraqi people who till this day are not free from the terror unleashed by the “civilized western world”.



The deaths of the sons of Saddam Hussein in a high profile “shoot-out” in the northern city of Mosul arrive at a most opportune moment for President Bush and his entourage.

Political assassination is tied into the logic of war propaganda.  The killings were designed by the Pentagon to uphold the shaky legitimacy of  the Anglo-American military axis in the face of Iraqi armed resistance to occupation forces. In the words of President Bush: “their deaths show that the former Iraqi regime will not be coming back.”

By mobilizing media attention Worldwide on Saddam’s two sons,  the Mosul event has served to distract Western public opinion from the broader issue of war crimes committed by the Bush administration and its indefectible British ally, not to mention the mysterious death of David Kelly, the senior MI6 official who “pulled the plug” on Tony Blair. 

Meanwhile, the fake Niger uranium dossier, used in Bush’s State of the Union address has been quietly sent to the news archives.

The Mosul shoot-out serves to “reduce the heat” and conceal the lies: “The death of the two sons was greeted with jubilation in Washington, where President George Bush has been under growing political pressure…” (Washington Post, 24 July 2003)

While the entire Western news chain is inundated with the same unsavory (syndicated) stories on Saddam’s derelict son Uday, the more substantive issue of phony intelligence and WMDs is relegated to the inner pages of the tabloids.

The fact, amply documented, that the war was based on a fabricated pretext is now regarded as a mere technical detail: a 16 words “error” which inadvertently slipped into the President’s State of the Union address.

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