In South Africa, Africa is Rising!, by André Vltchek

André has consistently talked about the plight of the poor,destitute and unrepresented masses the world over. He does it day after day, month after month and year after year. He is not a passing journalist “posted” to a country but instead a revolutionary on the go ready to put his life on the line for the people.

This report is from behind the lines, from the real South Africa that has broken free from its shackles and will reassert herself. Sure, there is much to be done and hopefully it will be done. We should always question one sided simplistic reporting from the mainstream press. André sums it up well when he says:

Realizing that ‘socialist’ is once again seen as something positive, at least by billions of people all over the world, the Western propaganda is now using a very effective weapon of deception – it portrays countries like South Africa and China as ‘not socialist enough’, or even as ‘more capitalist than those countries in the West’. Unfortunately, it is an extremely effective tool of trickery.

On the other hand, brutally capitalist or feudal countries like India or Indonesia are hailed as ‘democratic’ and tolerant, even if these countries are openly devouring their own miserably poor majorities.



From stunning Table Mountain.

Soweto is not just a suburb of Johannesburg located right near the mining belt; it is an enormous urban sprawl, with over 1.2 million inhabitants. It is more populous than Boston or Amsterdam.

It used to be a place synonymous with misery, with sadness, with the depravity of apartheid.

This is the township where Nelson Mandela lived with his first family and then with his second wife, Winnie. This is from where he was forced underground in 1961, before being arrested one year later and sentenced to life in prison by the pro-Western apartheid regime.

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