Hare & Hedgehog, by Dagmar Henn

The title refers to the Brothers Grimm Tale, ‘The Hare and the Hedgehog.’ They give the moral to be “that no one, however distinguished he thinks himself, should make fun of a lesser man, even if this man is a hedgehog.”

Original author: Dagmar Henn

English editor (footnotes and bracketed insertions): Rufus Magister


Some time ago the thought passed my mind that the Vietnamese would wait in vain for any solidarity from [leftists in] the West, if the Vietnam War took place today. How could that happen? Meanwhile German media reproduce without the least hesitation statements by Kiev propaganda that cannot be called other than fascist. No voice is heard against it. Any other subject seems more important. Are we all blinded? How could it happen that we are just months, perhaps only hours away from a global war, that starts from our soil, that is set in scene by our ruling class, and there is nothing around that could honestly be called resistance?

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