Tariq Ali on ‘The United States: The First And Last Global Empire’

The kind of degenerative drivel that passes for “news” in the mainstream media is beyond lies,distortion,misreporting and appeasement of the Empire. The reporting also comes from a place of attributing to oneself the higher moral ground despite mass murder and oppression prevalent the world over under the US hegemony. The US dollar is just paper, but it is paper backed by violence and a military presence in over 190 countries.

This piece in the NY Times is just another example of the sewage that passes for journalism. Joseph Goebbel’s would be proud of his proteges at the NY Times,Washington Post,Time,BBC and the rest.

Of course, by advocating a revolving term limited head of state one increases the prospects for a US funded puppet to rise to power. A leader working for the national interest is a threat to ‘democracy’ because if he stays in power longer then the harder it is to prostitute the country back into the Imperial domain.

The mainstream papers continue to champion the ’cause’ of Imperialism, justifying mass murder, occupation and many other downstream aspects of Empire. Right from promoting the bullshit from Hollywood glorifying The fascist US army and police state apparatus to demonizing historical figures to literally re-writing and omitting historical context.

The western media are not media, they do not employ journalists, they do not report the truth and they ARE part of the Fascist US Empire propaganda network. This includes prostituted European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin american governments (except for the notable exceptions such as Venezuela,Cuba, Bolivia and others slowly making their way out of the clutches of Empire).

The below talk by Tariq Ali is an excellent recap of “The United States: The First And Last Global Empire”.


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