On the Hong Kong “Occupy Central” protests


The Western media is now throwing its full weight behind the Hong Kong “Occupy Central” protests – they’ve been featured on at least 2 of the US State Department’s TIME Magazine covers and stories like NYT’s “Stars Backing Hong Kong Protests Pay Price on Mainland” attempt to appeal to the most base emotions …


Why the emotional appeal? Because rationally and logically the protests have been exposed as yet more US meddling around the globe (http://journal-neo.org/2014/10/24/hong-kong-s-umbrellas-are-made-in-usa/). If the protest has been fully exposed as foreign meddling, why shouldn’t anyone supporting it now pay a “price” on the mainland?

And it is not Beijing simply squashing these people. No one is hiring these “stars” now involved in the fake protests in Hong Kong. Ironically, all these protesters bleat about is “freedom to choose,” well businesses and labels are “choosing” to boycott people involved in the protests – and here we see the hypocrisy and fraud behind the protests – yet again.

It’s about choosing what the protesters want, not choosing what everyone genuinely wants. And of course what the protesters want is clearly what the US State Department wants – elections their well funded and backed fraudulent proxies can run in and win before carrying out US foreign policy aimed at dividing and destroying China.

China has voted, and they’ve voted “no thanks.”

Tony Cartalucci maintains the Land Destroyer Report and is an independent American geopolitical analyst based in Thailand.

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