Eternal Tyranny, Wilfried Schuler

Some maniacs at capitol hill are seemingly planning “The last war to end all wars.” This wonderful statement about WW I was made by Woodrow Wilson. Little later he signed a paper in Versailles which already included the reasons to start the next war. Wilson´s life was crowned with a peace Nobel Price. Just another useless trophy.  This remark must be made, to illustrate the wisdom and the good will of politicians. As even a child can detect, neither the wisdom nor the credibility of any politician has shown any sign of improvement in the last 100 years. Both remain at an alarmingly low level till today

Let us than imagine this upcoming last war, or better the day when the last police action has come to an end. Venezuela will be in shambles, Iran is devastated, North Korea starved to death. All Russia is levelled to the ground. Poutin is in Prison awaiting his Nuremberg trial. NATO is triumphant. Whilst Exxon, Unocal, City Bank, and many other gold diggers, are preparing for the biggest cash in ever. The trying out of Russia. Maybe only some strange guys near the Persian Gulf are still there. But they are mere pets for the rulers of Capitol Hill. Like a Disneyland or a Zoo. The NATO Rottweilers are governing the whole world for their masters in Washington.

Should somebody at this very moment wait for the eternal freedom, peace and unlimited democracy, he will soon learn that he is a dreamer. When the communist block had crumbled in 1990 and the Warsow Pact ceased to be, NATO did not end its activities. In contrary.  Against all agreements between Gorbatshev, Bush, Thatcher, Kohl and Girac, NATO started to grow like a deadly cancer in the 1990 ies. Like the 360 contracts with the Sioux and the Apaches, another contract was broken. Was Gorbatshev really that naïve? Or had somebody bought him?  Inspite of all the hugs and kisses, may be not the western leaders of 1990/91, but their heirs betrayed Gorbatshev. And they did it with the help of a hopeless drunkard named Yeltzin. A figure as terrible to Russia as Ivan the Terrible.

Yugoslawia became the first victim of the new NATO. In an 78 days bomb raid campaign, the Yugoslawian Army had astonishingly very little casualties. Why? But the civile infrastructure was severely damaged. Somebody in Washington came with the nice Orwellian word, “Collateral Damage”. The next collateral damages happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Jemen, Somalia and Libya. And Syria, is still an ongoing case. Although the people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were better off before, the nation builders came, the latter group tries the game to spread freedom and democracy in Syria another time. This time not by themselves. They sent their proxies, dubbed peace loving rebels. But better known as Al Kaida.

It seems some figures in their bunkers are now going to start the end game. Iran has long been on the list, Russia has never been removed, despite of all the hugs and nice phrases.

What is the public expecting to happen after the last victory? How will the world be the day after all external dangers are history? NATO will not be scrapped. It may get another Orwellian name. May be a cute Nazi term, similar to Homeland Security. The US and their vassals have many millions of soldiers, snipers, gunners, explosive experts, spies, agent provocateurs, killers and all such proxies, patsies and crooks of all shapes and sizes. All of them are neither able nor willing to work in a factory or to do any decent hard work. Their minds and hearts are like their masters are, poisoned. Never again they can be useful members of any community. Whether they all kill each other, an absolutely preferred option, or they would need well doted jobs they can do. To keep them put, the world leaders must give them these new jobs. And if there are none, they must be created, say taylor-made at all cost. Very simple. Instead of killing in Jemen and Pakistan, sniping in Paraguay or Ukraine, bombing in Syria, they will start terrorizing the folks at home. As there is no outside any more, home means world wide, any country from inside. Very quickly they will return to Syria again, but they will also become active in the US and in Europe. Just to remind you dear reader, that the Department of Homeland Security bought 1500 million hollow point rounds in 2012. Sales argument for hollow point ammunition. “Immideate man stop action” Translated: Muscles bones and organs destroyed, heavy bleeding, dead comes quickly like for a hunted deer or antelope. Hundreds of casualties caused by the US police every year are standing for these facts. 1500 million divided by 300 mio US citizens means 5 bullets per person. Reminds you dear reader to the word “Over kill” ? One of the very decisive contributions of America to the development of the English Language.

This is the eternal war, the highest state of tyranny. And now in the year 2014, we are heading for it driven by our media which are poisoning our minds and brains with propaganda. The media, those bayliffs and boot lickers of our reckless politicians. A bunch of brainless and heartless clock stoppers. Any chief propagandist out of the darkest days of any country would be pleased to read their slimy propaganda. It is absurd, the people even pay them to get indoctrinated. Like the lamb licking the hand of the butcher.

Wilfried Schuler is a chemical engineer who knows Russia from numerous visits in more than 20 years during 50 years of his career. He has traveled the world living in places like Morocco,Egypt and Mexico and has traveled Australia by bicycle.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.


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