6 thoughts on “President Vladimir Putin’s interview with German TV”

  1. What a pleasure to watch Putin handle the interview. The interviewer politely sought Putin’s response to the questions and accusations being made by the West, or more specifically the US, EU, NATO, Britain & Ukraine. The responses were clear, logically considered and devoid of the rhetoric, slogans and obfuscation we get from so many world leaders. Putin remained calm, polite, mostly unapologetic, but always diplomatic. The West is fortunate to have a Russian President who approaches issues with common sense, rather than pure ideology.

    1. Gary, So nicely stated. I wish we had leaders in the U.S., with half the character and sense of Putin, not to mention his determined vision to advance the interests and quality of life of his people, and create an architecture of global security for the benefit of the whole world, not just Russia. He and his team, e.g., people such as Lavrov, Rogozin and Glaziev are playing multi-dimensional chess and setting an example for the rest of the world. No wonder so many countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia are tilting toward Russia and absorbing its message.

      If that message ever gets through all the smoke and propaganda here in the States so as to be easily comprehended by the American public, it could inspire a sea change American attitudes and political consciousness.

  2. Chechnya smoulders once again as Russian policemen are killed in Grozny, not Chechen policemen – Russian policemen, in someone else’s sovereign territory.

    What the f*ck are Russian Policemen doing in Chechnya?

    Chechnya does not want to be in the Russian Federation, they hate the Russian for the crime of genocide inflicted upon them numerous times. They have fought and been slaughtered many times for freedom and they will fight again, again and again until they get it.

    WHY will Russia not let her go, she is no where near the land of her imaginary foe in Europe, feelings are mutual between the two nations.

    Is it because that like Siberia, Chechnya provides their OIL?

    Russia makes nothing that anyone wants to buy – and she sells oil and other natural resources that are not hers to sell.

    1. The only thing you have managed to get across is an absolute lack of knowledge, history and understanding of geopolitics. And of course, as usual, a healthy dose of Russophobia.

      One would think that after all that has transpired, people would stop receiving their “information” from western governments via the mirage of “media” which is in effect the Ministry of Propaganda.

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