Conversation: Premeditated murder, the MH17 story

Hi everybody,
I would like a question about the time before July 17.
In the last days before the MH17-event German media started to mention aerial attacks in Donbass for the first time (about Lugansk on 02 June they just repeated one Ukie line about manpads…). At that time it looked like a sudden opening, as nothing about airstrikes or artillery attacks against towns or villages had been mentioned before. But this ended immediately after MH17, and the next time there was anything about shelling of towns in German mainstream media was some time ago, when the report about cluster bombs was published.
I had been wondering about this fenomenon at that time, and resolved that it looked like an organized preparation to make the story about a downing of MH17 by the militias look credible. Because the whole scenario wouldn´t have worked at all if the themes “planes” and “surface-air-missiles” were not introduced to the public before that. (Just made me wonder what was with that Antonow that was downed on 14th..) Which would necessitate some beforehand knowledge about what was going to happen… which was exactly the reason why I didn´t look deeper into this suspicious combination.
But this few days and the reports that shone up in German media at that time remained an absolute singularity. FAZ had a big report about the bombing of a house in Snezhnoe published on 16th. Sure, there was a lot of news about it on Russian news agencies. But all the other days, all the months since then, nothing made it into FAZ. Just an airstrike in Snezhnoe one day before MH17.
Here is my question. Did anyone at anyplace observe a similar phenomenon? Was there an increase in the media considering the themes “airstrikes” and “defence against them” in the last few days before July 17?
I tried to check it myself. But I discovered that not even all articles in German media from that time are still accessible (I remember even tv coverage), but also that I lack the vocabulary to easily run a search about it and simply don´t have a chance to perceive the overall development of propagandistic waves in other countries.
And, honestly, I do hope it doesn´t stay a unique German phenomenon. Because that would give it a significance I don´t feel comfortable with.
Thanks in advance,

Dagmar Henn is a social services professional, she is a former member of the Munich City Council for Die Linke (“The Left’”), formed from a fusion of the former ruling party of the German People’s Republic, the Socialist Union Party, with a left-wing split from the Social Democratic Party.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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12 thoughts on “Conversation: Premeditated murder, the MH17 story”

  1. Dagmar, reposting:
    My feeling is that there was an increase in coverage of air strikes before MH17 and definitely very little since- but as I get news from as many sources as possible, in order to triangulate the truth and filter out western MSM echo-chambering, I can’t be sure about the prior increase in western news. What I am certain is that there was one non-MSM report from Ukraine that something ‘big’ was coming down in the next few days and that was right before MH17. For me this was a unique report in that ‘big’ was completely undefined and I have read no similar reports before or since.

    I don’t see how a BUK or any other ground-to-air missile with solid propellant could have escaped notice in a well-populated area. The noise and smoke trail would make it obvious. Eyewitnesses heard one or more fighters but heard or saw no missile whatsoever.
    A BUK explodes above the target and from the wreckage pictures with the perfectly round holes facing the cockpit area, rather than shrapnel tears, it would point to a 20 or 30mm cannon from an aircraft, perhaps with a small air-to-air missile to finish it off. Had an engine-seeking air-to-air missile been used first, a radio transmission Mayday would be likely.

    My suspicion is one or two fighters, possibly from a third mercenary country and I wouldn’t rule out a stealth fighter –although in the latter case it would make a mistaken identity from Putin’s aircraft very unlikely. Regardless, forensic analysis of the wreckage would show tungsten or DU smears if not the shell fragments and expanding rods and shrapnel from any missile. The signature and identity of what munition caused MH17’s downfall would have been known in a couple of days. That this information has never been released is indicative of a story behind the story. The story and its suppression becomes more curious by the day.
    Does anyone seriously question that simple forensic analysis would identify the method(s) used to bring MH17 down?

  2. Curiously, as I checked for shorting of Malaysian Airlines stock before the incident, there was nothing unusual. When U.S. Neocons are involved–as before 911–you see quite distinct activity–major short selling of the airline stocks then.. If the potential “third country” supplying that fighter was Israel, it could mean that they bypassed the normal U.S. channels.

  3. The main question about the MH17 tragedy is ‘Qui bono?’

    Malaysia is a country known for its vocal opposition of the Apartheid State’s outrageous treatment of Palestinians. Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, see @

    In July, 2014, the Apartheid State was in the midst of yet another killing spree, this time under the guise of ‘Operation Protective Edge’ see @

    Holland had not jumped on the ‘Let’s strangle Russia with our western sanctions’ bandwagon. After July 17th, that was a no brainer and most of the country wanted revenge, see @

    You might also find more answers and links to more detailed info about what happened right after the downing of MH17 @

    In November, 2013, months before the ousting of the Ukrainian [democratically] elected President Yanukovych, Mrs. Nuland wanted Mr. Yatsenyuk to become the new PM of Ukraine. Low and behold, he became PM. See @ and @

    Here’s a link to a discussion about the Ukrainian events date July 15th, 2014 see @

    Here’s a link to the Ukrainian Il-76 downed by the Novorossiya forces on July 14th, 2014, see @

    The Group of Seven leading nations said June 5th, 2014 that sanctions on Russian economic sectors could come as soon as July unless Mr. Putin recognized the legitimacy of Ukraine’s election of Mr. Poroshenko; stopped sending arms across the border and got separatists to lay down arms; and worked with the government in Kiev to engage Ukrainians in the east, see @

    Within an hour after the downing of MH17 and without any evidence whatsoever, the Kiev junta and the entire western MSM ‘knew who had done it. Within minutes Russian PM Mr. Putin became the new Satan and Russia a hotbed of ‘blah, blah, blah, blah…’

    A comparison between MH17 and PM Mr. Putin’s plane see @

    20 April, 1978, KAL flight 007 down by Russia Su-15 fighter jet, see @

    Thus MH17, became a stone that killed many birds in one horrendous blow.

    1) Russia could be blamed and targeted
    2) The ‘Rebels’ could be blamed and targeted
    3) The western public [in general] was outraged and ‘revenge the new orange’
    4) The wanton killing of Palestinians off the front page
    5) Malaysia’s national carrier devastated [due to the loss of both MH370 and MH17]
    6) The Malaysian government sidetracked as ‘incompetent.’
    7) Holland all for punitive sanctions against Russia
    8) The MIC can churn out more profitable deals
    9) Etc.

    Personally I don’t believe Mr. Putin’s plane was the target, because that would not have resulted in the above western ‘wet dream,’ but most likely the message given to the pilot/s that did shoot down MH17. It’s easier to shoot down the ‘Moscow Monster’ than a plane filled with innocent passengers, but that is pure speculation on my behalf.

    I do believe MH17 was targeted on purpose, but not everything went according to plan [perhaps an indication of either haste or a poor execution of the plan]. I think the idea was for the plane to crash into Russian territory, but with a plane flying with a speed of roughly 800km/500m/ph the window of opportunity is very narrow [down to 1 or 2 minutes].

    This means that there’s a cabal out there, that’s responsible for the murder of 298 passengers and crew. In case of calamities it’s not unusual for the captain/pilots to focus on keeping the plane in the air at first and communicate later. My guess is that the first 30mm salvo ripped the cockpit to shreds [see @ preventing any messages from being relayed [to anyone who was listening] about an attack and followed by an air to air missile that ripped the plane apart in the air, hence the debris being spread over many miles, see @ and @

    On a side note, sources in Malaysia told me that during the disappearance of MH370 [in March, 2014] the US Air Force held exercises in conjunction with the Thai Air Force. Normally such an event wouldn’t be worth mentioning, if it wasn’t for the fact that something similar happened during 9/11 and training exercises in Canada, see @

  4. A Kyiv Post newspaper reported on 22 August 2014, that since the beginning of the aerial operations in the East, 18 Ukrainian air Force aircraft were lost, with 16 shot down or destroyed on the ground and 2 crashed for other reasons. Those lost due to hostile fire included: 10 helicopters (five Mi-8s and five Mi-24s), six combat planes (one Su-24, two Su-25 and two MiG-29) and three transport planes (a An-26, a An-30 and an Il-76).[1]

    List of Ukrainian aircraft losses during the 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine.

    Needless to say, this header is wrong, bc the planes were shot down by anti-Kiev forces, but alas, the list is comprehensive and gives an indication as to the losses.

    Countermeasures; Ukrainian Il-76 releases flares on takeoff from Donetsk.

  5. A couple of days before July 17th, there was the news that an Ukrainian anti-Aircraft unit changed side, and although the equipment was disabled by officers, they were afraid that soldiers will reactive it …. I read it in the online version of the Austrian paper “DerStandard”( I could not find it again: many articles are not available anymore, due to license issues.

  6. I’m glad for dialog regarding this particular subject matter.
    A Plane, that is guided off course over a no fly zone, declared ten days
    The supposed voice recordings of the Tower, Plane and other Aircraft at higher altitude, not be able to communicate, as is Blocking device used before it’s downing, with what is described as a air to air missile. Extra oomph provided by 30mm marsh-mellows.
    Regards to all. M

  7. Malaysian Flight MH370

    “For it to alter course and fly a different route as alleged would require the deliberate manual intervention of someone with considerable expertise of FMS protocols, which suggests a preplanned intention.” – Byron Bailey, who flew B777 planes–the same type as Flight 370–attempted to debunk theories about the passenger jet’s disappearance in March.


  8. Hi Dagmar,

    there is a possibility to go back to old web pages, for instance news pages (Der Stern online, der Spiegel online, Die Welt etc…) by using different archives o the web:

    Your question is an interesting one, we could do some research, together with the different answers others provided here.
    We know that “something big” was attended by the Novorossiyans shortly before 17 July, we also know that
    -1 The majority of Germans at that time did not liked the sanctions (see on-line reactions on different popular websites of that time
    -2 The majority of Dutch people had similar opinions as the Germans

    There is a Dutch website that “dumps” all kind of news on their website, coming from all different sides, with actually very often
    rare news. (mostly Dutch language, but also plenty of English web pages, since most Dutch understand English).
    You can chose “Oekraine” in the left menu, or “Buitenlands nieuws” (Foreign news), to access more than only Dutch web pages.
    This evening if for instance you can find a link to an article about a German woman, asking 800000 Euro from the Ukraine,
    or “Ukraine: Six coffins of MH17 remains flown to Netherlands-28-11-14. It’s still a very heavy actuality in The Netherlands at this moment.
    It’s of course easier for me to read both Dutch, English and German and French.

    I would like to see their headings around 10-17 July, but failed for the moment -have not been digging long enough yet)
    We would just need to point different MSM and look closely at their articles around that time,



  9. “Does anyone seriously question that simple forensic analysis would identify the method(s) used to bring MH17 down?”
    No, but forensic analysis is only as good as the evidence it looks at. MH17 won’t get a good look. From Anonymous on Saker’s site:
    The bullet-riddled parts of MH17 weren’t “important” enough to bring back to Netherlands for “analysis”, and this stroy is too unimportant for the MSM to write about.

    Here’s more stuff that’s too unimportant:

    Facebook instant messaging hacked by Cyber Berkut indicates that a coterie surrounding the Oligarch Kolomiskiy was the guilty party:

    Downloadable archive available here:

    Olinyuk’s rather weak “It’s an obvious fake” denial here:
    If I had just been falsely accused of murdering 300 people, I’d have hired a PhotoShop forensic expert to prove it was fake. No need apparently, the story’s been dropped.


  10. The MH-17 BlackOp is clearly the work of ………!
    Barry, was stage managed, to not be on the golf course or fundraising but out with the common folk, enjoying a Burger. Learning of the fiasco, he was summoned back to, headquarters at Trump Inc Pty Ltd, which he complied with those orders!
    Mean while back at the Ranch(ZH blogspot) it’s servers were in meltdown. Cacete de Ouro 16:10 “ZH servers……she canna take much more Capt’n.”
    Thought Processor 15:53 “I’m watching it though a server data monitoring program I have.”
    Others were quick to quip, gulf of Tonkin or the fall rate of Israel/USSA Equities to new low 116.78-Blumberg.

    As we all know(those that aren’t brain dead) Kiev OPERATES ALL AIR TRAFFIC in Ukraine!!!!! It is SOLELY responsible for MH-17 under it’s control.
    Andrew McGinnes of Qantas among other national fliers, had stops on all Qantas flying near Ukraine. That the Australian MSM chose not to highlight any Gaza/Israel GENOCIDE as reported in Israeli publication as, what is acceptable blah. The gallant Australian-Israeli men & women taking up Arms in this Genocidal event, that was perhaps halted due to “wrong plane/96-300” and UN healthcare workers/schools/hospitals being the target of this parasite, that won’t stop until it has destroyed it’s host.
    This is rather amusing coming from a mentally bankrupt with any claims of legitimacy hailing from a king or being that NEVER sired any children-Sarah the Handmaided BS! Causing such problems with money & other(male sons to be exterminated…..) that a holiday down in the “wilderness for 40yrs” lead to same similar problems as in Egypt. No worries there is a “land bridge” from Egypt to Palestine and further skull-duggery can be inflicted during the tidal movements, with the planned getaway. Money debasement blah!!!
    The enherrant problems of king(JamesVI-James1 City of Blah) Tudors, old & new pretenders….. True Germans Geo1 & 2. Laughable the whole pantomime, out of the theatre of the absurd.
    Big Ears in Oz getting involved with Noddy & Golliwog is much over his head in this affair.

    My own experience with Soviet and former satellite nations preceeds most if not all westerners that now comment or have taken the time to understand the situations prevalent in these former USSR states. As a matter of FACT, I did quite a demolishing job on USSR, on behalf of Lithuania,….. that Putin/KGB know me very well. You could call it, a “family affair” that I got dragged into it.
    I’m not quite happy with all that I did. I support Putin/Russia. Yeltsin & cohort …….! M.
    PS. I dragged myself away from my only interest to once again gaze at Geopolitics, that I retired from decades ago, during my 30s. I’m tired with it all again and maybe should return to, just Art & Antiques or as I like to refer to myself as, a retired paper-weight collector. M
    PSS. The Gareth Evan’s and the childish big baby, A. Downer, I still laugh over. Bigger laughs with Oz’s geo-experts. Lol. M.

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