White House (Ab)Uses Ferguson To Promote More Surveillance, Moon of Alabama

White House (Ab)Uses Ferguson To Promote More Surveillance

The recent killing of a young black man by a police officer in Ferguson has led to amazing new opportunities. The White House is eager to promote new initiatives like this one in New York:

The NYPD Will Start Wearing Body Cams Wednesday

Beginning Wednesday, the pilot program will test different cameras on 60 officers from six precincts.

Engineers in the new Utah datacenter run by the National Security Agency have prepared special stream collection servers to provide realtime processing of the new videofeeds. Automatic numberplate and face recognition together with GPS data will be used to create data records for future analysis. “We are usually not allowed to collect or use such data of American persons,” a NSA spokesperson said. “But this is simply legal administrative assistance for the FBI and the local police,” the spokesperson added. “We are just a bit further along with this than they are.”

On the fly comparison of the video data with existing databases will allow to alert the policemen of searched-for automobiles. The cameras will also make make discrete noise should the officer approach persons who have their face-features stored in the national deviating person database. An additional feature utilizing Google glass and yet to be tested will provide the policemen with the name, date of birth and additional data like medical records of each person in their field of view.

Some of the video streams will be shared with the public. FOXNews signed a sponsoring contract with the NYPD that will allow it to exclusively use the streams. “Just imagine the possibilities,” Mr. V. O. Yeur, FOXnews vice president for business development, explained. “We will have the most goring night-programs from these feeds. Live and for nearly zero cost. Car accidents, marriage fights, murders each and every night – all without expansive additional equipment and personal in the street. The advertisers and shareholders will love this.”

Asked about possible problems with the anonymity of people not wanting to be recognized on camera V.O Yeur replied: “There is absolutely no problem with this. The viewers will never be able to see the recording policemen in those feeds and they will never learn their names. These exiting new programs will be broadcasted while offering the officers complete anonymity.”


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