Ukrainian Nazis blind 19 year old defending Donetsk

Misha,19, blinded and maimed by Ukrainian Nazi shelling. He is from Donetsk and was defending his homeland.

Full support is being given to the Nazi Junta in Kiev by USA, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland,Lithuania and numerous other western concubines. The west has been butchering people for two centuries now.

The world is sick of the rape,murder,plunder and use of weapons of mass destruction that have been a hallmark of western power. People, the world over are sick of this sadistic wholesale slaughter of people around the world by western nations.

The Global South is moving ahead and the next century is a Eurasian one. The days of the western monsters are numbered.


(Photos by Graham Phillips)

Misha2 Misha3 Misha4 MIsha5


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