Kadyrov’s response to Wahabi Terrorism

“I put up an extremely tough but fair condition”, the Chechen leader said


GROZNY, December 5 /TASS/. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on Friday that he would dismiss the head of any Chechen district if a single militant was found living in its territory.

Kadyrov held a meeting with the ministers and heads of Chechen district administrations and internal affairs departments earlier on Friday.

“I put up an extremely tough but fair condition. If a person from any Chechen district illegally picks up a gun and joins militants, the head of that district will have to step down immediately. Let them work day and night to prevent them from happening,” the Chechen leader said.


He also warned that families of militants who committed murders would be expelled from Chechnya without the right to return.

“We will not allow anybody not only to become the Wahhabies but even to imitate them in clothers and behavior. I officially announce that time is over when parents were not responsible for the doings of their sons and daughters. They will be held responsible in Chechnya”, Ramzan Kadyrov stressed.

“If a father sees that his son has embarked on the path of terror and Wahhabism, let him hand him over to the authorities or stop him in any other way before blood is spilled,” Kadyrov said adding he was not interested in the opinion of any people or the so-called human rights organizations who were silently watching NATO planes and Western-trained militants killing millions of Muslims in Syria and Iraq.


“If a militant in Chechnya kills a policeman or any other person, the militant’s family will be immediately expelled from Chechnya without the right to return. Their house will be pulled down together with the foundation,” Kadyrov said noting that he would not allow anybody to spill blood in Chechnya.


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