The European Council on Foreign Relations and the Berlin think tank Friedrich Ebert Stiftung have reached more or less the same conclusion.

If the stand-off between the EU and Russia over Ukraine is not solved, the EU could face, up to 2030, a military buildup in eastern Europe; a new arms race with NATO as a protagonist; and a semi-permanent “zone of instability” from the Baltic to the Balkans and the Black Sea.

What these two think tanks DON’T and WON’T ever acknowledge is that a new European “arc of instability” – from the Baltic to the Black Sea, as myself and other independent analysts have stressed – is EXACTLY what the Empire of Chaos is working on to prevent closer Eurasia integration.

Check out the build-up towards the new “arc of instability” – including decisions taken at NATO’s summits in Lisbon and Wales – when you read Empire of Chaos.


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