The euro WILL continue to fall. Three reasons.


1) The Grexit rumor mill. Even Angie Merkel has admitted Greece may leave the euro. EC clowns in Brussels though still insist being in the euro is “irrevocable”.

2) Deflation is coming. Hard.

3) The BCE is getting ready to impose – what else – QE. By buying the debts of some member countries, the BCE assures very low financing costs, helping exports and pushing the euro further down.

When the ruble was falling against the US dollar, the whole Russian economy was about to implode in the next few hours. When the euro goes down against the US dollar, it’s just an “adjustment”. So file all this also under the “what a bunch of wankers” department.

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One thought on “The euro WILL continue to fall. Three reasons.”

  1. Syriza va tester la flexibilité de l’Europe!

    Intellectuals, MPs, MEPs, mayors, activists from France, stand on the side of SYRIZA: calculate us, say, our Europe is yours Declare their solidarity with the Greek people and criticize the efforts of ballot manipulation by European officials and nursing assessment, “enough troika!
    Get back democracy in Greece!
    European Union leaders, houses, assessment: stop the extortion in an environment where the treacherous bumps multiply in Greece (corruption members, misinformation, shrinking of democratic rights) in order to prevent the possible victory of the left movement SYRIZA parliamentary elections scheduled on 25 January, to which the IMF announces the postponement of “aid” and the European Commissioner Pierre Moskobisi economy is directed directly towards the Greek voters to tell them which way to vote.
    Jean-Claude Gioynker, President of the European Commission, announces to him that he “would not like extremist forces to take power in Athens”.
    In Germany, Finance Minister Schaeuble, Bolggkangk reiterates in passing that there is “no alternative” to the reforms imposed in Greece.
    Rating agencies are beginning to threaten that it would downgrade – there are still margins! – the credit rating of the Greek economy.
    The European press grapples with a spreading fear of change in order to discourage Union folks to switch to progressive political figures, suggesting the same form of economic rupture with the SYRIZA.

    The truth is that a victory for SYRIZA in Greece could put into question throughout the European Union the austerity policy imposed by the Troika (European Investment Bank, European Commission and IMF) peoples, against their will: as shown by the massive demonstrations in Spain and Portugal, and more recently in Italy, as well as the general strike in Belgiumthe requirement to repay the venture capitalists and the illegal debts, at the cost of destroying a social model that mitigate the evils of capitalism, is no longer acceptable – on the contrary, it should be noted that another logic is possible.
    Faced with such a threat to their symferona – the example of Iceland still worries them –, the servants of the financial economy in Europe is ready for any kind of blackmail in order to usurp the Republic in Greece and elsewhere.
    Those who leave are shrinking freedoms in Hungary of Victor Orban in the name of respect for universal suffrage, finding this time legal to interfere in the internal political life of a State: the protection of interests of banks and multinationals is for “those more important than defending freedoms!

    It is up to the Greek people, the father of democracy but today witness of austerity, to decide as dominant for this add-on.
    We, the citizens of Europe, demand that the international financial institutions, credit rating agencies and the European authorities to immediately stop dishonest lobbying. It is not the job of the European agencies and the financial economy to dictate to people what to vote!
    The frugality is a policy choice that folks are entitled to reject democratic!
    We join our voice with the SYRIZA for leaders to say that Greece’s problem is a problem for the whole of Europe and that what is at stake could herald the beginning of a new European doom.
    We, the citizens of Europe, saying the Greek people: do not be afraid, calculate in us, we are by your side.
    Our Europe is not their own. It is your own….

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