5 thoughts on “Where was Charlie?”

    1. Sadly agree. A lot of questions are being asked. People need to wake up.

      However, it looks like some people have attacked the new Saker blog as I have been unable to access the site today :(. It comes up with some French page with “fecilitations”. To use the attack in Paris to justify their behaviour/attack is just so low and unacceptable – not surprising though. It seems your site is ok though I am glad to see.



  1. I’m actually glad to have left the western world. What a ff-ing mess. Sickening hypocrisy. Mass murderer parading in Paris while rendition flights hurry overhead, to unnamed torture dungeons to extract more info to pro-

    Wait a minute… This is what $1,6 trillion buys us in security? NY, Madrid, London, Boston and Paris? Nobody saw it coming?

    My @ss!

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