Conversation: President Assad visits the front line on New Years Eve


This past week the desire of western sociopaths, otherwise known as ” Presidents” and “Prime Ministers” and “Special Envoys”, have been on overdrive trying to cash in on the whole Charlie Hebdo affair.

Meanwhile, the actual heroes of the fight against terrorism have gone unsung.; these are the men and women of many nations that are battling the proxy armies of Francois Hollande’s France, David Cameron’s Britain and Obama’s USA among a myriad of “peace-makers”.

Today we showcase the brave men and women of the Syrian Arab Army who are the real front-line warriors in the fight against terrorism. Four years of intense conflict and hundred of thousands of dead later, they are standing strong.


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3 thoughts on “Conversation: President Assad visits the front line on New Years Eve”

  1. The numbers of dead Syrian soldiers and police is also quite staggering;

    Syrian military and police 44,874–79,874 dead


    Shabiha and National Defense Force 29,495–43,495 dead


    10,515 children


    6,668 women

    + LINK

  2. God bless and protect that President from the Anglo-Zionazi evil!

    SAA, it´s various national defence forces, Russia, BRICS and the rest of the free world will see to it that he and SAA stay´s protected.

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