#I Stand with Russia


It is quite telling when average citizenry go out of their way to compose,record and upload videos to express what is logical opinion.

It happens when the public is censored and the Ministry of Propaganda (CNN/BBC/FOX/Guardian/NY Times and other presstitutes), as it is supposed to, serves as a mouthpiece of the Empire.

Make no mistake, there is no free press in the Western world, there is no democracy in the Western world and there is no Justice in the Western world. These are lies and we do not, any longer, have to meticulously prove each point. The lies, hypocrisy,double standards and the dead bodies are in plain sight. The Western governments are an Anti-Human alliance.

We are proud to post the incredibly brave,noble and commendable words of our brothers and sisters from around the world.


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6 thoughts on “#I Stand with Russia”

  1. Just about the same conclusions I would reach after assessing the various reporting and evidence available on the internet. The traditional press makes sweeping accusations, as does our PM and Foreign Minister, without feeling the need to offer any supporting evidence (except occasional quotations from Kiev).
    It really is a case of all us bullies standing behind the bully-in-chief, US, who gets very offended when its self-serving policies are rejected by impartial States, such as Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Palestine, Syria, and others.

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