Hostilities grow in Ukraine

Source: Anti- Fascist

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KIEV “war party” preparing a military coup. Sure, the US curator, stand behind NEW Maidan, is also presented it as the top democratic procedures.

In Kiev Popular Assembly will meet at the initiative of the Council of the maidan. Traitor Council Petro Poroshenko Maidan announce “people’s impeachment. But with this and will interchange all the drama called “The End of Ukraine.”

Panic has swept the capital’s elite, which began en masse to evacuate. In all directions. Time is short, because the parliament approved a decree on the mobilization, according to which a call fall all men between the ages of twenty and sixty years. And women too, so the border in the coming days will be closed. Optimists argue that it is necessary to wait until March, and then somehow “resolve.” Pessimists do more dire predictions: it’s all for years, the country will finally turn to Syria. But all sources are unanimous: the country will begin a bloody mess. On the basis of leaks from the knowledgeable circles, we obtain the following very apocalyptic picture.

About a tenth of February to begin the aggravation under the slogan of “treason to the ideals of the Maidan.” Occasion – anniversary of the “revolution of dignity.” In form it will be armed coup. Hence, its methodology. The need for constant “extras” in the central square of the capital is not. Is that on the stage of the process started. The main subjects of the coup will “volunteer battalions.” They will act quickly and decisively, fulfilling orders “cartridges for traitors to spare.”

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