Hostilities grow in Ukraine

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KIEV “war party” preparing a military coup. Sure, the US curator, stand behind NEW Maidan, is also presented it as the top democratic procedures.

In Kiev Popular Assembly will meet at the initiative of the Council of the maidan. Traitor Council Petro Poroshenko Maidan announce “people’s impeachment. But with this and will interchange all the drama called “The End of Ukraine.”

Panic has swept the capital’s elite, which began en masse to evacuate. In all directions. Time is short, because the parliament approved a decree on the mobilization, according to which a call fall all men between the ages of twenty and sixty years. And women too, so the border in the coming days will be closed. Optimists argue that it is necessary to wait until March, and then somehow “resolve.” Pessimists do more dire predictions: it’s all for years, the country will finally turn to Syria. But all sources are unanimous: the country will begin a bloody mess. On the basis of leaks from the knowledgeable circles, we obtain the following very apocalyptic picture.

About a tenth of February to begin the aggravation under the slogan of “treason to the ideals of the Maidan.” Occasion – anniversary of the “revolution of dignity.” In form it will be armed coup. Hence, its methodology. The need for constant “extras” in the central square of the capital is not. Is that on the stage of the process started. The main subjects of the coup will “volunteer battalions.” They will act quickly and decisively, fulfilling orders “cartridges for traitors to spare.”

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After the announcement of the “people’s impeachment Poroshenko” should occur capture battalion “Azov” presidential administration building and the offset Poroshenko. Not ruled out version of his physical elimination. He became superfluous and not tied by blood, as other members of the conspiracy – Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Pashinsky, Paruby. This Turchinov unleashed carnage in the Donbas. This Turchinov controlled with Paruby to the smallest detail burning activists Kulikovo field in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. This he chose Yatsenyuk ritual sacrifices Maidan to warm up the crowd. They, along with Pashinsky Paruby and imported to the Maidan snipers for organizing the massacre of 18-20 February 2013.

Valtsman became unnecessary Americans, along with the conspirators. He is a traitor to the nation, Putin agent and politician who has passed the Crimea and the Donbass Russia.

Immediately after the capture of AP power in the country passed into the hands of the military council, headed Maidan … That’s right – the former speaker of the President Alexander Turchinov, who is the secretary of the National Security and Defense. The first decision is the appointment of SCM Yatsenyuk Acting Prime Minister in the transitional period. Then, without pause, trimming of the Verkhovna Rada of the “agents of Putin and the FSB.” This is done very simply: the parliament building is surrounded by a dense crowd of people in camouflage and carried out “cleansing session.” Someone killed right on the square in front of BP. Someone beaten to a pulp. First of all, representatives of the factions that are not included in the “European coalition”. Burning tires, blood pours paving, mad with delight journalists are broadcast live. Corpses piled in garbage cans and transports under the hooting crowd on the street Grushevskogo by the Cabinet to the Maidan.

After this demonstration performance remaining members are very accommodating and more intelligent. Speaker Groisman one flick of the wrist was dismissed. He protege Valtsmana traitor, traitor and corrupt. He, too, is indicative sent to the trash. Instead, he was elected the new chairman of the Verkhovna Rada – of course, Andrew Parubiya, “legendary” the leader of the “People’s Protection Units.” Today, he is the first vice-speaker. Of course, you can and do not bother with the Rada, but the coup participants need at least minimal legitimacy. Parliament, as it were legitimate, the government too. And the president of … well, that the president. It is not.

The very first decision “renewed national parliament” – a declaration of war in Russia and the imposition of martial law in the country. Closer to the night comes the first call of the Military Council Maidan to the nation. At camouflage appear Yatsenyuk Turchynov Paruby, Avakov, Minister of Defence Poltorak and a number of “warlords” who in a simple form explain that power in the country now and forever belongs to the nation in the face of the maidan. In all the cities curfews, streets are patrolled by the volunteer battalions and “self-defense”. Offset emergency decrees “Military Council”: shot on the spot Kremlin agents, alarmist and deserters. Economy translated into a war footing: everything for the front, everything for victory. Nationalized banks. All deposits of citizens are expropriated. Give all with interest after the great victory over the Russian Federation. TV channels, radio, print media work to the same standards, which establishes the Ministry of Information, headed by Victoria Syumar.

Media that notice of aiding the enemy, immediately shut down and journalists sent to the forefront of the war, to atone for the blood of his crimes. We introduce a single state the hryvnia. Any foreign currency is prohibited. For violation – shot. It must be said that this measure “higher revolutionary defense” as the shooting will be very popular in February. In fact, the capital will be relegated to “battalions” and “Turbat”, which will set the “new order”. Naturally, in the interests of the “nation”. Without riots and looting of property “traitors of the nation” and “agents of the Kremlin” do well, does not succeed.

Describe all the details of a future coup is quite simple, because the history has been similar precedents. Of course, sane people have a question: Is this really a bloody nightmare becomes a reality? Well, can not the same happen in such atrocities “European country”. Make no mistake, even as they can. The main thing – is to begin, and in the future everything will start to unwind itself. On instincts, which are transmitted in the genes.

Why does this happen? Everything is simple and complicated at the same time. First, Washington needs a full war between Ukraine and Russia. Present her likeness already exhausted economy, the country is in a state of preddefoltnom and fog of war. For Americans, this is the best way out. March 21 The EU should decide to extend the sanctions or not. This requires consensus and unity among the EU is not. For the lifting of sanctions act Austria, Hungary, Italy, Cyprus, Slovakia, France and the Czech Republic. Waged war against Russia, Ukraine, according to Washington, must rally the wavering ranks in unison to support “European future” of Ukraine and punishment “aggressor”.

Secondly, there is increasing insurmountable contradictions between the two major oligarchic groups. On the one hand, “zhidobanderovets” Igor Kolomoisky, on the other – Firtash and Poroshenko. They are no longer co-exist in a “single country”. Especially after the Parliament with the filing Valtsmana adopted a law on “fifty percent” – reducing the level of representation at meetings of shareholders in companies with state ownership. Simply put, took a step toward weaning “Ukrnafta” at Beni. It is clear that this is a war.

Third, in any case, Poroshenko dosidev not until the end of his presidential term. It’s understandable. Reforms under ATO and general mobilization – complete nonsense, in which they do not believe even invited Estonians, Lithuanians and Georgians, arranged for “scenery” in key positions in the government. If you hold out until spring, then begin chaotic riots impoverished population, which will go on with pitchforks power.

In the meantime, there are a sufficient number of “svidomye idiots” ready to support “a victorious war with Russia.” However, their number is constantly decreasing. Many are beginning to see clearly that to die – it is forever. Even their support for Obama is not encouraging. Therefore, the anniversary of the Maidan – a very convenient excuse to start the second act of “revolution dignity.” And at the same time be attributed to the war promises to investigate the massacre on Independence in February 2014 and to punish those responsible.

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