Conversation: Arundhati Roy on the “I” in BRICS

We quite often get caught up in a whirlwind of geopolitics, popular sentiment, personal hopes and sheer desire to finally see someone stand up to the status quo. What we forget in these moments is that life is almost never that simple.

India is not just a great land mass but also one that has been grossly mismanaged for many reasons, the root of some are in its very creation. It is celebrated as the “world’s biggest democracy” but seldom do we stop and think about the majority for whom nothing ever really changed.

The current Prime Minister, Narendra Modhi, does in fact hail from a Hindu Nationalist party whose cadres are quite the opposite of what might be found on the left in any shape or form.

Arundhati eloquently presents to us not just the status quo of Indian affairs but the key driving force behind it.


Part I:

Part II:

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