“Je suis Charlie” ? Or a pact with the devil and a fool’s bargain, by Paul Matthews

“Internally, French society is not “threatened” by a Muslim presence – although it is indeed threatened by exacerbated Islamophobia. The key problem is that France does not know how to integrate its Muslim population, something that allows what sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar describes as “terroristes maison”. These made in France terrorists start as petty thieves, are de-Islamicized and then re-Islamicized by neighborhood imams and most of all by the devastation wreaked by the Empire of Chaos and NATO over the lands of Islam”. [1]
 “The conquest of Algeria by France takes place in several distinct stages of the landing of the African army in Sidi Ferruch June 14, 1830, under General de Bourmont until the formal surrender of Emir Abd el-Kader to the Duke of Aumale, on 23 December 1847. This conquest ended with the annexation of Algeria to the French Republic, through the creation of the French départements in Algeria in December 1848 “. [2]


Illustrated by this photo of two French soldiers toying with their prey, the rape of Algeria lasted more than a century. The extreme brutality of this conquest recalls another – that of Italian Libya – a North African territory conquered by the Kingdom of Italy, after the 1911 Italian invasion of Ottoman Tripolitania. Exactly100 years later Muammar Gaddafi is put to death by forces supported by NATO. An event filmed [3] showing the Libyan being sodomised shortly before he is executed – probably on orders from Sarkozy’s secret service. [4]

People commemorate suffering. The legacy of the Algerian War of Independence brings to mind the bloodshed and bitterness on each side of the Irish Sea after centuries of colonialism going back to Anglo-Norman times.

Cherif and Said Kouachi were of Algerian descent. Something which hasn’t escaped the eagle eye of renowned British journalist Robert Fisk – fin connaisseur of the Arab world – given the spelling of their family name [5] His article retraces links between the attack by the two brothers and the French-Algerian conflict (1954-1962).

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It almost caused a civil war in France and killed perhaps a million and a half Arab Muslims and thousands of French. This historical imbalance of power and sense of loss is comparable to the endless humiliation that Arabs – mostly Muslims – suffer in Palestine and elsewhere – at the hands of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

Atrocities committed in Setif, Guelma and Kherrata in 1945 and the tragic aftermath should have given pause for thought to the cartoonists who paid with their lives for their lack of intelligence. Such memories are part of this nation’s heritage. Except they are repressed by too many people of European origin, all ears to  Sarkozy’s 2007 big business speech given at Dakar in 2007. [6] Designed to rehabilitate colonialism and offend its victims, his suggestion that Africa had failed to ‘enter history’ and embrace progress did untold damage [7].

Meanwhile in France’s conurbations, where are parked the workless and dispossessed from both shores of the Mediterranean, [8] youngsters have experienced this situation like a mental time bomb for over half a century. As with Afro-Americans, the choice between drug trafficking and a more rewarding faith is clear. Insulting this sheet anchor of religion with the support of the state apparatus and the mainstream media is asking for trouble.

“Let an impure blood slake the thirst of our furrows …”. The bloodcurdling lyrics of  «La Marseillaise» sprang from the throats of many of last Sunday’s 3.7 million in France, including the faithful at the Grande Synagogue de Paris [9]  swarming around Binyamin Netanyahu [10]. The war criminal arrived in the company of President François Hollande and his sinister looking Prime Minister Manuel Valls. [11] However the butcher boy from Tel Aviv was visibly tight-lipped on hearing the French national anthem, and not Hatikvah – the Israeli equivalent – just moments after he had lectured his audience on the merits of the Jewish homeland.   (Cf. Comic Cuts infra).

Over 50 anti-Muslim incidents including 21 reports of shooting have occurred in France since 7 January [12].

A new issue of Charlie Hebdo, portraying the Prophet Mohammed, goes viral comprising 7 million copies in 16 languages. Reactions – certain violent – are not slow in coming : Niger, Sudan, Pakistan. Yemen, Belgium, Algeria,Turquey, Russia – the list is not exhaustive [13].  Each event and news item stage managed – as it were – by governments and media working in tandem, conveniently distracts public attention from the buildup of the forces now attacking Novorussia. [14] Just before the launching of this new, long expected and massive offensive the Donestsk People’s Republic and the Junta in Kiev were trading accusations over an ‘attack by a Grad rocket ‘ on a civilian bus – 12 dead, 17 injured [15] near a checkpoint 2 km from Volnovakha,  35 km south west of Donetsk. [16] In all possibility the true culprit is an exploding antipersonnel mine of the ‘Claymore’ type belonging to the Ukrainian army[17]. There is every reason to believe  the incident is the pretext for a renewal of the carnage. As Israel strikes Hezbollah inside Syria, the feeling is one of a general escalation of the conflict.

Uninvited by Poland, Vladimir Putin won’t attend the Auschwitz memorial ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the camp’s liberation by the Red Army on 27 January 1945 and the end of the Holocaust. As The Saker says this display of childishness will surely leave Russia’s president «impressed and heartbroken» [18].

Double standards on free expression relating to Charlie Hebdo and Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, are matched by the double game played by Britain and its allies – notably in Syria – as admitted by William Hague in 2012 [19].

As for the murders attributed to Amédy Coulibaly, Cherif and Said Kouachi, a friend recently remarked to me,  that, if you beat your dog often enough, the creature will end up biting you. [20]

The spectacle of heavily armed military on street corners and a huge security crackdown tells us that in exchange for the freedom to offend everyone and anyone – except Jews – France has concluded a fool’s bargain and made a pact with the devil [21]. This article makes the distinction between a population – of which a large proportion is not particularly racist –  and the policy of their government and media – which is.

Paul Matthews
Poet & Writer

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.


Binjamn Netanyahu Grande Synagogue de Paris 11-01-2015

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More Comic Cuts : Comment Sarkozy a bousculé le protocole de la photo historique 12-01-2015


How Bibi tried to make Paris all about him http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/212583/how-bibi-tried-to-make-paris-all-about-him/.

March for Unity Paris : “Perhaps the funniest part is when the Malian leader leaps away from Bibi’s touch as though the latter had a communicable disease. It wouldn’t do, presumably, for the violent Islamists in Mali to see images of the country’s president walking arm-in-arm with the prime minister of the “Zionist entity” http://vimeo.com/116492356.  12-01-2015

Terrorist Donkey Joins Family in Death
Sami Abu Salem Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip 25 July 2006

The corpse of the donkey that was carrying a family when it was subject to an Israeli attack, 25 June 2006
The corpse of the donkey that was carrying a family when it was subject to an Israeli attack, 25 June 2006

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