Empire in Tatters

What Putin said in Sochi last year still applies: the US regards “Russia, because of its military might, China because of its rising economic power and Iran because of its nuclear program” as “enemies.”

What Lavrov said after that pathetic SOTU address, where Bamalama said that US “policy” over Ukraine left Moscow isolated and its economy “in tatters”, also totally applies.

Washington IS set on “confrontation”; “There’s just one thing at the heart of (their) philosophy: ‘We are number one’ and the rest should acknowledge that”. And yes, talk about a huge understatement; “This is a bit out of date and does not correspond to modern realities.”

Every drop in the ocean and every grain of sand in the desert know the US “wants to dominate the world.”

Lavrov was being TOO diplomatic. Time for Russia, China and Iran not to take Empire of Chaos blah blah blah seriously anymore.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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3 thoughts on “Empire in Tatters”

  1. Light, exhilarating and necessary. Vintage Pepe. The clodhop forces of Western darkness force a bright smile while their thoughts scurry like cockroaches in the kitchen when Pepe opens the door like this.
    Evil is simplistic and banal. ‘America’ presently proves this.
    The West has revealed itself as a pathetically rabid slobber dog.
    But then having lived so long in this this horrible reality is what makes them kill as they do.
    Two choices:
    1. Take your loved ones and get as far away from the West as possible.
    2. Stay and take full responsibility while your leaders sacrifice (kill) you in the name of———uhm,—is it God?

    1. So many of us would sincerely love to do what you suggest. Now at a point in life where the gears to accomplish the goal are slowly but surely in motion, we are finding the task to be much easier contemplated than accomplished. As with most of all else on this planet we call home, money talks; and if you do not possess quite a bit to walk the walk is made very difficult.

    2. The ‘indispensable exceptional’ US reminds me of another people that thought they were ‘uber alles’. It was in the 1990’s while watching the destruction of Yugoslavia by the West that I started to realize the insanity (hubris) of the West which cannot live with the rest of the world without letting loose rivers of blood.

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