Made in USA preacher tapes on Ukrainian soldiers

Source: The Vineyard of the Saker

Thanks to Котаро Кацура who posted this video on his channel and who offered this introduction:

When cleaning out the ruins of the Donetsk airport NAF troops saved 16 UAF soldiers who were buried under the rubble, initially there were about 30 of them there, but only 16 survived while rests died waiting for help promised by their command that never came. Each of them had been given a solar-powered player with baptist preaching.

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2 thoughts on “Made in USA preacher tapes on Ukrainian soldiers”

  1. It seems it’s easy to become a ‘200’ in the Ukrainian army and the Kiev Killer Kommand doesn’t give a f*** about numbers anyway, coz it’s all about patriotic soundbites and…, oh… we’re outta muny, but luckily we’ve got enough dough to prop up the military to fight another day…., somewhere else to defend the…ehhhh…. against the… ehhhrmm… Moscow Murderers…
    Ukrainians, you say?
    Russians, I tell you!
    Because I say so!!!!

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