Conversation: Prince Dimitri Schakhovskoy – on Crimea & Donbass – Silence is treason

Prince Dimitri Schakhovskoy – on Crimea & Donbass – Silence is treason from Oceania Saker on Vimeo.

A brief introductory note by Roobit (Translator):

Prince Dimitri Schakhovskoy, professor of the St. Sergius Institute of Orthodox Theology in Paris (Institut de Théologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge), professor of the University of Upper Britanny at Rennes (université de Haute Bretagne), co-authored the Russian aristocracy in exile open letter of solidarity with Russia.

Prince Schakhovskoy / Chakhovskoï is a member of the upper layer of Russian aristocracy, he is a descendant of Ruriks or rather of the Rurik dynasty that stood at the roots of the Russian state, founded cities of Novgorod and Kiev and ruled first Kievan Rus and later the Grand Duchy of Moscow well into 17th century).

Transcription/Translation: Roobit

Production: Marina & Augmented Ether

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