As we feared….., by Dagmar Henn

It would be nice if a surprising bit of truth would not be spun into new lies. But it has been proven once more — the sudden, astounding news when that bus in Donetsk (not the first one by the way) got shelled was just the opening move for another false-flag action, the next propagandist crusade.

It’s bewildering. You have to ask yourself whether the Ukrainian junta receives a signal every time German media takes the wrong line, responding to it with a new crime. Or whether each of these events is prepared on such a broad scale that the German press is just a part of the staging.

Because it was really amazing — last summer Donbass settlements had suffered aerial attacks for weeks, by helicopters and fighter jets, and nothing, nothing at all was written in the newspapers about this. Nothing about downed Ukrainian war planes either And then, suddenly, on 15th of July a report about an aerial attack on Shneznoye.

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From a technical point of view, it makes sense. Because it is very difficult to sell a story about a downed passenger plane when the issue of planes and air defence hasn’t been part of the tale of this war up til now, simply because it wasn´t told. Yes, it was a bit cheeky to write about such an attack exactly in the area where MH17 came down two days later… thus raising the question whether it was a case of blind accident, or of clairvoyance, or if our non-lying press is so deeply embedded that it participates in Ukrainian games even before they start.

But alright, let´s call it an accident in July. And now? Throughout the whole time of  the”ceasefire” Donbass cities have been shelled, and it was never reported.  The only exception was when the Red Cross office in Donezk got hit. But when the shells or the rockets were targeting a bus, a hospital or a school, it wasn´t worth mentioning, not even a hit with Totchka-U.

And then there was the story in Volnovakha, the attempt to sell a bus hit by a junta anti-person-mine as the victim of “pro-Russian separatists”, that ended in Poroshenko´s cheap show in Davos. Suddenly buses were being hit — buses carrying civilians. There hadn’t been a line in our press in summer, when the Ukrainian army was still shelling the main roads towards the Russian border, endangering fleeing civilians with such a passion that some of the routes were called roads of death.

The news about the bus came on Thursday. I caught it suddenly via one of the subway advertising screens where only the especially important news flashes appear.  For most of the viewers these images must have seemed like the first alert about a new war, one that had just started. As if there had been peace and silence all those months, followed by a sudden, surprising outburst. I just hoped to have a chance for relief and was afraid of the next sequence.

Here’s how I commented on it on Friday:

“For a single moment yesterday, when I saw the news about the mortar-shelled bus in Donetsk, it seemed to me something like reason might have returned.  Even so, it took at least one week of actual news coverage before I was able to relax. The memory of the prelude to MH17 was still too vivid — the sudden reports about aerial attacks after they had been completely ignored for weeks.  Then, two days later MH17 was shot down — after which all actions of the Ukrainian army were again cloaked in a mantle of silence.  One might say it’s a good sign, when the short-lived media gap is bridged by the usual tale — because then at least no worse provocation is intended.”

The provocation came yesterday.

Once again there was a short prelude, introducing readers to military terminology which will come up in the tale. Because for them a Grad rocket-launcher is still something new and alien, something unheard of…… eight months after their first use against civilian quarters by Kiew, immediately after Poroshenkos election on May 25……after dozens of villages had been turned into landscapes of ruins, and while the town of Gorlovka is daily being submitted to a level of shelling that can easily be compared with the bombing in WWII.

So on Thursday the image being projected into the public mind was that of Donbass cities being shelled. Even a motive was supplied for why the “separatists” might attack the supposedly enemy city of Mariupol — revenge for the shelling of the bus. Because nothing else happened, did it?

Here’s how DIE ZEIT condensed its report of the last days:

“On Thursday the separatists took Donetsk airport, after the most serious battles since August. A bus full of civilians got shelled. On Friday Alexander Zacharchenko, the separatist´s leader, announced another offensive. And on Saturday the pro-Russian artillery advanced far enough that some Grad-rockets exploded in Mariupol, a city of half a million, and 27 people died, two of them children.”

That sounds as if the militia accidentally hit the bus in Donetsk during the battles for the airport. That isn´t true, but who cares? In any case, it combines well with the Mariupol story.

It was really scary to observe how quickly the pieces of the puzzle were connected this time. Obviously, after MH17, no risk was to be taken.  OSCE, which took several days to comment on the attack upon the Red Cross office in Donetsk by splinter grenades, was clearly well prepared and took only hours to confirm the Ukrainian version of the event. Which fits well with the information that electricity, gas and water were cut off shortly before the shelling in the eastern parts of Mariupol…..also with the memorial ceremony held already in Kiew on the same day.

This story becomes really uncanny once you look at the media prelude.

What is this all about? A concerted action of bloodshed and media show? In order to again close the Western ranks?

No, don´t let yourselves be deceived. This same OSCE that rushed to support actual propaganda yesterday passes all its days with secretly feeding accurate information to the Western governments. It might be that the consumers of press and television don´t know what has been done to Gorlovka during the last days — all European governments know. Steinmeier, reputedly peaceable, knows; Steinmeier, who immediately parroted the Ukrainian accusations. Steinmeier knows that there never was a real ceasefire, and that it was  broken through massive shelling of Donbass cities by the Kiev troops. He would know every detail. He says what he says not because it is true, and not because he doesn´t know better; he says it because it’s in line with his objectives.

Perhaps we should accustom ourselves to the idea that these are scripts enacted in and aiming at more than one country at a time; that they embed a visible, propagandistically useable event into a tale before and a tale after, a preparation and a post-processing. And that our non-lying media might be something entirely different then simply an institution for the falsification of news…..namely,  the accomplice in a crime. (Well, yes, generally speaking, it is already).

I fear that with this last dramaturgic push, the time for any reasonable information about the war in Ukraine is nearing its end. And this time the listing will really follow.

By the way, it´s absolutely unnecessary to accuse the two republics of anything. There is no appropriate behaviour towards the media under such circumstances. There is no statement cautious enough besides absolute silence, and no behaviour that wouldn’t be misconstrued other than absolute submission (the same goes for Russia, btw). Even if Zacharchenko had silently hidden himself in a monastery it would have been used as confirmation of his guilt.

So we remain hostages of an unholy cooperation that scene by scene tries to stimulate our acceptance of the coming war. It will only find its end, when the Kiev junta does also.

Or….when at least one people in this hypocritical Europe find enough backbone to put a halt to its own trigger-happy ruling class.

One is allowed to dream.

Dagmar Henn is a social services professional, she is a former member of the Munich City Council for Die Linke (“The Left’”), formed from a fusion of the former ruling party of the German People’s Republic, the Socialist Union Party, with a left-wing split from the Social Democratic Party.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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