3 thoughts on “Conversation: Man”

  1. Horrible horrible jolly yuki horrible Its all spot on as it really is.
    are you embarrassed as me being a human week shameful But we can fix this especially the Oceans release those prisoners and get employment happening across the board it will take millions but a least something constructive is done for humanity the Kissinger
    Brezneski rabid years must close like yesterday Just a thought maybe a suggestion to some modern day progressively mindful of the big picture type charismatic for all environmental problems that need palliative care ?or the grease and oil change up lift so to speak. Well I believe it must be done and can be done.

  2. I haven’t found a beach around the globe without plastic garbage on it. Hundreds of years of evolution and this is the outcome?

    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  3. Had we a Respond in a “second Life Level”, or can’ t you See , what some Old Elite s want.

    “A War or Better a Worldwar, to transperence , the undergoing the
    Kapitalism System!

    Dont Work it, to Themthelfes . !

    More ,not Monsanto Seeds , and
    eat your Bread with a good Feeling.

    Make Your Seeds, secure!

    Organisation the Next ,Harvest!

    And make Cheese for the Rest for the
    World, like Switzerland .

    And bring a Gold Coin , for all people.

    Maybe another Silvercoin , for all.

    It run ‘ s Bettler AS you Think !

    Open your Mind, in all …

    By I

    Olav p.

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