Conversation: Greece in the bigger picture?


Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Prime Minister of Greece on 26 January 2015 and by 29 January The Saker had given his verdict:

“Greece voted for sanctions against Russia.

The dream was nice while it lasted.

Now lets forget SYRIZA.

The Saker”

The same day, Dmitry Orlov’s advice was this:

“[ Deleted. There is no point. SYRIZA folded and voted to extend the ridiculous sanctions against Russia. The dream was nice while it lasted. Move along, people, nothing to see here, just some more fake European “democracy.” ]”

Meanwhile, Russia Insider was more optimistic and on 30 January 2015 went with:

“Greece Is Now a Russia Sanctions Veto. Merkel Is Foaming at the Mouth

Greece is now effectively a veto power when it comes to future Russian sanctions. Merkel will have to find a new country to bully. “

ZeroHedge went with the following on 27 January 2015:

“Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia”

And also reported the following by 31 Jan 2015:

“ECB Threatens Athens With Bank Funding Cutoff If No Deal In One Month: February 28 Is Now D-Day For Greece”

It would be interesting to see how the Podemous situation evolves in Spain as well. The people in Greece were gearing for mobilization on the street level, opposing the “system” and then came Syriza. The situation in Europe is accurately, in a dialectic sense, captured by writer Dagmar Henn when she says (paraphrasing):

“The actual mobilization of people in Greece came to a halt with Syriza. While Syriza might be a positive change globally speaking, it is at the same time a negative change for Greece.”


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