Another convenient gift by ‘coincidence’ from ISIS

The US has wanted Japan to renounce its peace mandate in Article 9 of the Japanese constitution, to use Japan as a lever against Russia and China. The Abe government likewise wants to renounce it. The Japanese people don’t – or didn’t. Suddenly, in a twist of ironies, Japan got its own ‘Pearl Harbor moment’ from ISIS with the beheading of the Japanese journalist.

ISIS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US CIA. The gift that keeps on giving…

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2 thoughts on “Another convenient gift by ‘coincidence’ from ISIS”

  1. Don’t lose wars against the Empire, coz the Praetorian Guard won’t leave yr territory. Both Germany/Europe and Japan still host the the virus as if it’s the champion of Liberty.

    Now f*** off to your free speech zone and be a ff-ing whistle blower, OK?!!!!

    1. strange behaviour, buddy!
      pls agitate elsewhere.
      it´s not your planet to tell others what they should do.
      The Awaken Mankind does not want any war!
      NOWHERE !

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