The Control Freaks’ demented Paradise, by Paul Matthews

Household goods, household gods, Lares and Penates :
Property pages and bargain basements are what dictates
Public life, with the pursuit of happiness in dire straits,
As national policies are stage-managed by potentates,
Offshore, drug fuelled, money laundered wealth permeates
All that an acquisitive culture gangrenes and violates.

Financial empires run amok, their occult power equates
With a cult of science and technology that consecrates
Chemical trespass targeting alike believers and apostates
Indifferently injuring and killing adults, embryos, neonates
With diets of rogue DNA, dioxins, pesticides, phtalates,
Causing obesity, diabetes, cancer, declining birth rates.

Corporate sponsored Strife from the Hell of Gates,
Clinton, Ford, Soros, Rockefeller, each foundation mates
Charitable status, tax evasion, big business heavyweights
With merchant bankers whose princely valour officiates
At Lord Mayor’s banquets, nursing a Chaos that freights
The philanthropy dispensed by depraved caliphates.

This psychotic New World Disorder operates
A satanic orgy of asset stripping that dilapidates
Mother Nature’s dwindling resources and nominates
Governments by ruthless juntas, feudal emirates,
Elites with seriously deranged character traits
A Low Life ethos that Wall Street celebrates.

Breeding corruption, instead of wiping clean the slates,
Sovereign debt, wrought by vulture funds, thus relegates
Human beings to the status of Mere Cyphers, their fates
Beholden to commodity fetishism, enslaved nation states,
The black arts of banking and white man’s voodoo creates
A grey suited Elysium for sad, anally-fixated magnates.

WASHINGTON – SEPTEMBER 22: (L-R) Patricia Woertz, CEO of Archer Daniels Midland Co., Ellen Kullman, CEO of DuPont, Samuel Allen, CEO of John Deere, and Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto, participate in a symposium at the Newseum on September 22, 2009 in Washington, DC. The Global Harvest Initiative hosted the symposium on agriculture to learn ways to double agricultural output to meet rapidly growing global demand anticipated by the United Nations (Cf.
A poem by Paul Matthews

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