2 thoughts on “Conversation: The Pathology of the Super Rich”

  1. “My $60 million yacht got a scratch on its side…” – Eric Schmidt.

    “The gym on my boat is rather small…” – Larry Page.

    “We’re all in the same boat…” – Commissioners, managers/coaches and owners of US Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Football and Soccer clubs.

    The main problem is this; Wealth Abyss. Too much money in the hands of too few a people. Money, like power, corrupts. Look around you and see what it does for you, your loved ones, your family and your friends. How many of you are truly affluent [aka no fears about mortgages payments, loosing jobs or the next bill dropping on the doormat] ?

    99,9% of mankind has to borrow money to get things done. That’s the crux of the matter and where everything goes wrong..

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