Conversation: Andrey Fursov dissects Ukraine

This is an absolutely must watch talk on Ukraine. These are the facts, back stories and ground realities that do not make good fairy tale presstitute media narratives look good and hence are never mentioned.

Andrey is a world class historian whose analysis lays bare the treacherous nature of the Western “leaders”.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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4 thoughts on “Conversation: Andrey Fursov dissects Ukraine”

  1. This Interview most definitely must rock up all Media Directors hand delivered while demanded through etiquette must sit in the chair to view the contents of this” Fantastic Video” for days I have defended Assad Putin prior it was the Wonderful Gadaffi .With out this information I found difficulty expressing the why to my random friends. Thank you Oceania once again you are the deadliest (KIWI Terminology for ultra Cool perhaps even more) :+}

  2. I was raised in the believe that ‘we’ did something good. ‘We’ were ‘civilized’ and taught other people in the ‘developing’ or even worse ‘third’ world how to behave and proper like ‘we’ did.

    Fast forward past the human lampshades, shrunken heads, tribesmen turned into soap and the 2008 banks turned into casinos f*** up and here we are today.

    No lampshades, no shrunken heads, no soap and not 1 banker held responsible [despite $ 175 billion in fines].

    Don’t let anyone tell what the truth is or what is true. read as much as you can from every side and deduct your own conclusions.

    Follow you gut and you will survive.

    There will be no WW III.

    The War Machine will prosper and expand .

    Jail Hail the…, eh….. eh…

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