Conversation: Ms. Merkel and Peace, by Dagmar Henn

This is a must read analysis by someone who we have found to be one of the most rational voices out of Germany.

This brilliant analysis by Dagmar Henn dissects right through the noise of not just the mainstream pop narrative but the feel-good happy crowd who for the sake of being  ‘decent’ continue to hope for something which simply is not a give-in anymore.

Right now, no matter how you dice it, the Novorussian Armed Forces, who are fighting the Nazi forces of NATO, have the upper hand.  Russia cannot abandon them and the ‘democratic freedom loving Nazi arming West’ cannot accept that.

This is, was and will be a proxy war between Russia and the USA. We also must understand that the USA (and the collective West) did not spend $5 billion and counting in material support of the Nazi genocide to just abandon the project.

Let us see what these talks with Western supporters of Fascism bring.



What a lot of theatrical activity during the last days — Merkel´s hasty trip to Kiev and Moscow (carrying Hollande as hand luggage), and then the appearances at the Munich “Security Conference” … truly a heroic effort to save peace? That at least is what we are expected to think.

But how realistic is this idea? Is that possibly what she honestly wants?

Actually there are simple criteria to test her interest in peace — sober, technical criteria.

One can assume that all European governments, including Ms Merkel’s, are well informed about the real situation in the Donbass. In public they talk about the ‘evil separatists’, but they do know that the Ukrainian army shells the cities. They know the extent of destruction and they know who is responsible. Why? Because OSCE delivers this information daily to their desks. Publicly the OSCE acts as though it is not capable of calculating from the remains of a rocket stuck in the ground the direction from which it came. The reality is different. We can assume that all the atrocities committed by the Ukranian regime throughout the last months are well known. That includes the humanitarian situation in the Donbass.

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