3 thoughts on “Alexandr Zakharchenko presser on new Minsk Agreements”

  1. This is the 2nd time US stooges flew to Minsk to save the KKK [Kiev Killer Kommandos] from being annihilated. Given the fact that the KKK relentlessly keeps shelling civilians in both republics, I hope this time around the NAF will be less obedient and cull every single threat inside the cauldron and be done with it.

    Have a tribesman run a country and get a new Palestine for free…

  2. We here in these western countries, that are led by regimes who politically support these atrocities in Ukraine against Ukrainians of Donbass are being lied to and manipulated by them, and even if we know in our hearts how wicked and possessed they are, we continue to listen and even to repeat their lies as if it was the truth. You won’t know the truth until you know both sides. If all you will listen to are the liars in office and in controlled lapdog media, then blood is on your hands too. The Donetsk PM made comments here which none of us will ever see unless we pause, turn off the TV, and find this YouTube channel.

    There is another video of Alexandr Zakharchenko talking with the mother of a young, very young conscript who was taken prisoner. I think this video should also be posted here. He was lucky to see his mom again, and lucky to be going home in one piece. But the hard-hitting truth that was spoken by AZ is also what you will never hear your western mass media report. It reveals the demonic horror that is being committed in Ukraine, against real and ordinary people…not terrorists because they won’t recongize a western instigated coup that has usurped the government of their country. It reveals the cost, in human terms, of the senseless loss of life that never would have happened if there was a decent and law-abiding government in Kyiv. He was a father, asking a mother, what are we thinking, letting our children behave like this, sending them to fight for something they don’t understand and have no knowledge of?

    It has to be the people of western countries which are involved in sending arms and fighters to support this insanity who must make it stop. But before that can happen, they must see the truth, and feel the burn of shame and disgust, and be horrified at the results of their lack of responsible action, before their words carry the authority of passion for humanity and humane, righteous interaction that nullifies these conspiracies to commit these crimes for political gain by false pretenses. Sadly, as in the United States, a captive Congress will not hear, but you can make them hear by showing them, the people know the truth, and the lies no longer work. America must know, there is one word that you can say to stop all of this. That word is “NO!” And you have to say it- all 360 million of you; at the end of the day, someone will have to be the adults or this will never end.

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