Conversation: Graham Phillip’s message to Britain

The journalist Graham Phillips, over the course of the Western funded,directed and supported Nazi onslaught in Ukraine, has remained steadfast in his quest for telling the truth.

Here Graham in his own words, giving a message to Britain.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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7 thoughts on “Conversation: Graham Phillip’s message to Britain”

  1. Well done Graham Phillips for standing up for truth and justice. It is indeed heartening to see courageous and truthful young journalists getting the facts out. And thank you Graham’s Mum for holding the camera!

  2. Welcome home Graham.
    Without reporters such as you we would not have seen the ugly truth of the US funded ‘democracy’ in the Ukraine where terror is used by the Oligarch Puppets of Kiev to subjugate ALL the ordinary people of Ukraine.
    The US military strategy of ‘killing those who do not agree with US democracy’ has been used far too often by Washington’s hawks in the history of US conflicts over the last 300 years or more.

  3. Mr. Phillips, your very wonderful countrymen/women have access to the same information that those of us seeking the truth regarding the situation in Ukraine do. They are subjected to the same controlled main stream media and government created propaganda as those who make the effort to find reality.
    Unfortunately, like the vast majority of citizens in the empire, they are intellectually lazy, are incapable of critical analysis, or willfully decide to agree with their government’s policy decisions.
    I am growing tired of the excuses made for those who choose not to be concerned or choose not to critically analyze. In reality they choose not to give a shit.

    1. I see your point here, believe you me we have similar conclusions at times but then we think: Were we not blind before our minds opened up because we heard such and such speak or read this or that…and…just like that a spark ignited an enlightenment. Hope does indeed spring eternal and I believe for the right reasons.

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