Stategic papers or: it is forbidden to think, by Dagmar Henn

A few days ago German corporate media jubilated as if they had caught Putin with his hands in the cookie jar — and proudly presented  a „strategy paper“ which they supposed proved that all events regarding Crimea and in Donbass were just the Kremlin’s evil machinations.

 They must think all their readers are idiots.

 This paper is said to have been written just ten days before the coup in Kiev last year. It contains some serious analytical flaws, like the expectation that Yanukovich would remain in power until the regular elections. Therefore it could only be considered an on-going tactical analysis and never a „strategic paper“. And something like this is supposed to prove that the events were orchestrated?

 This claim can function only based upon the fact that people had been successfully convinced that strategic thinking in itself is evil, and the assumption that  such analysis amounted to a “conspiracy theory”.

This can only work due to the fact that equivalent German papers are not so openly published.

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