The “Hillary for America” memo:

Campaign will be guided by following principles:
“We are a team”, “We are a diverse, talented family”, “we are disciplined”, “we are humble”, “we know the importance of having fun”, “we are open to a diverse range of views”, “we are responsible”.

Campaign will be guided by Hillary’s “bedrock values”: “hard work, service, fairness and faith in the American Dream.”

And don’t forget the overarching principle, “I’m itchin’ to launch a god-damned war in January 2017. See you in the barricades, bitches.”

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2 thoughts on “THE HILLARATOR”

  1. Participation in US elections makes one an accessory to crimes against humanity and war crimes. A rigged system with psychopaths as candidates. A choice between a criminally insane nut-roll and delusional creeps who cannot wait until armaggedon occurs.

  2. God! she is uglier than some of the others, , mainly Republicans.
    I don’t think I’ll wil be able to vote at all next year. I sure don’t want to endorse her!

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