Conversation: Historian William Blum on the Empire

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7 thoughts on “Conversation: Historian William Blum on the Empire”

  1. Is the host actually as clueless as she makes herself appear? Or is it intentional? Many of her questions have such very obvious answers or explanations they result in Mr. Blum seeming somewhat incredulous when answering.

  2. Good Job Sophie, all of your taken for granted definition of the situation by the West could be properly knocked down by Blum with his answers. RT needs to get more Public Intellectuals like William Blum on their shows-we don’t need to hear from lackeys and quislings touting the Washington Consensus. We get that from MSM and their stenographer;s from the State Department. Intellectuals the quality of Blum while few and far between do exist-Petras, Tariq Ali, the crew at Counter Punch, Monthly Review Press-check them out you will get an education.

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