‘Tel Aviv sur Seine’ – as a rather ‘sick Jewish joke’ bites the dust, by Paul Matthews

'Samson in the Temple of Dagon, destroying his enemies, and himself' - Wood Engraving  Gustav Doré La Bible : Traduction de Bourassé et Janvier, appelée aussi Bible de Tours, 1866
‘Samson in the Temple of Dagon, destroying his enemies, and himself’ – Wood Engraving
Gustav Doré La Bible : Traduction de Bourassé et Janvier, appelée aussi Bible de Tours, 1866

“Frederick John Westcott (26 March 1866 – 18 September 1941), best known by his stage name Fred Karno, was an English theatre impresario of the British music hall. He is credited with popularizing the custard-pie-in-the-face gag. During the 1890s, in order to circumvent stage censorship, Karno developed a form of sketch comedy without dialogue. Cheeky authority-defying playlets such as “Jail Birds” (1896) in which prisoners play tricks on warders and “Early Birds” (1903), where a small man defeats a large ruffian in London’s East End, can be seen as precursors of movie silent comedy. American film producer Hal Roach stated: “Fred Karno is not only a genius, he is the man who originated slapstick comedy. We in Hollywood owe much to him.” Among the music hall comedians who worked for him were Charlie Chaplin and his understudy, Arthur Jefferson, who later adopted the name of Stan Laurel. These were part of what was known as “Fred Karno’s Army”, a phrase still occasionally used in the UK to refer to a chaotic group or organisation. The phrase was also adapted by British soldiers into a trench song in the First World War, as a parody of, or rather to the tune of, the hymn The Church’s One Foundation … “. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Karno.

Writing again from Occupied France, I’ve just watched ‘The Anna Tuv Story’ (q.v.) She lost an arm, her husband Yuriy, and their 11 year old daughter Katya when, in May 2015, their house in Gorlovka was shelled, probably by Ukraine’s 1st howitzer division. But with ‘soundbites’ scripted mostly by the swivel-eyed hasbara merchants, the news was never reported. Neither were the 800 artillery rounds falling on Donetsk to greet the UK’s visiting Defence Secretary. As London and Washington manifested their support for putschists in Ukraine and Brazil, police, journalists and protestors heavily outnumbered pro-Israeli ‘pleasure seekers’ at the Paris Plages fiasco.

The arms trade is booming. With their ham acting and weasel words from White House Apparatchiks, la Mère Hidalgo in Paris, le Père Porochenko and the Right Honourable Tory MP Michael Fallon in Kiev fanning the flames of hatred and intolerance, farce competes with tragedy to sharpen our appetite for truth, justice and peace. The threatened coup d’Etat to oust Dilma Rousseff is deeply disturbing. In a rare moment of optimism, I had considered renaming my, as yet unpublished, research «La décheance du peuple élu – à quand la fin d’une élite autoproclamée ?». But can one translate that into English ? Is there any reason to warrant the belief that we, or any other dissident group, make any impact on this loathsome, repressively Permissive Society of ours ?

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The jury is out on whether BRICS, ie Vladimir Putin and his closest allies, will prevail against their respective fifth columnists, cette minorité judéo-maçonnique – the international banking and industrial cabal – whom Paul Craig Roberts calls the favoured One Percent and whose «arrogant goal commits the US and its vassal states to nuclear war». Who or what are we – mooncalves and mere goyim – compared to the filthy rich who decide the fate of the Middle East via their donations to political parties, their control of think tanks and media outlets ?

Haim Saban is allegedly involved in a scandal over a dual citizen agent and a pro-Israel Congresswoman Jane Harman trying to get herself selected chairwoman of the House Intelligence Committee. Yet at his 2013 Saban Forum – organized by the Brookings Institution’s Center for Middle East Policy – this ultra-zionist plutocrat receives the US President as if he were a mere valet. Patrick Drahi is the French Israeli owner of the I-24 TV channel – an international 24-hour news and current affairs TV platform based in Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv, and which in 2015 grants Franco-Israeli terrorist hacker Ulcan, alias Gregory Chelli, the privilege of an interview …

In 2013 Sheldon Adelson on a panel at Yeshiva University, New York suggests, without fear of contradiction, dropping an atom bomb on Iran. Like most American Jews, the eighty-two-year-old once voted Democrat. In February 2015, across Israel, men and women in red jumpsuits were handing out copies of a pro-Likud Israeli national Hebrew-language giveaway daily newspaper. It is bankrolled by this US gambling tycoon who , like Dr Strangelove, moves around in a wheelchair and is thought to have helped finance Binyamin Netanyahu’s 1996 electoral victory over Shimon Peres. Israel has much stricter laws on individuals donating to political campaigns than the USA. So in 2007, yon businessman founded this freebie Israel Hayom. Listed by Forbes as the 18th richest person in the world, in March or April 2014, he set about organising from his Venetian Resort Hotel Casino his very own Republican Primary, summoning to Las Vegas, the former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush and Governors Chris Christie of New Jersey, John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

Judging by press reports, with his associates the multibillionaire donor – who is of Ukrainian Jewish ancestry – will, apparently, stop at nothing to kill Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. To that end for example a leading Jewish Hedge Fund manager Paul Elliot Singer funds an ultra-conservative advocacy group The Israel Project based in Jerusalem and Washington. It is unclear whether le roi des casinos, himself the primary financial backer of both the Republican Party and the current Israeli premier, is actually funding The Emergency Committee for Israel.

There can however be little doubt that this extremely aggressive and influential Zionist brainchild of William Kristol – co-founder of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) – will meet with Sheldon Adelson’s approval. To the extent that a celebrated Jewish columnist, journalist and author, Thomas L Friedman, felt moved to express grave concern about just where the gambling magnate’s money is taking the world today :

“When money in politics gets this big, when it can make elected officials bow and scrape in two different countries at the same time, it is troubling. I’m sure Adelson cares deeply about Israel, but he lacks any sense of limits in how he exercises his extraordinary financial power – power he is using to simultaneously push Israel and America toward eliminating any two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, toward defunding the Palestinian Authority and toward a confrontation with Iran, not a diplomatic solution. People need to know this”. (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/11/opinion/thomas-l-friedman-is-it-sheldons-world.html?_r=0).

My guess is that, confronted by these shameless exhibitions of sheer naked power, even the admirable and – apparently – ever ebullient Gilad Atzmon must have his moments of doubt. In 2000 the musician met Araf Sirkis with whom he formed The Orient House Ensemble, recording seven albums with him until the year 2010, when the Israeli born drummer – then and now resident in London – chose to focus on his solo career.

The encounter enabled the jazzman and scholar to refine his ideas and distinctions he makes between Judaism, Jewishness and Jewish identity politics. As he points out hilariously in his 2011 talk with Veronica Keen (q.v.), one can be an Irish, English, Scots or German self-hater without, as a matter of course, stirring up resentment.

But as an affirmed Jewish self-hater – in the tradition of Jesus of Nazareth, Baruch Spinoza and Karl Marx – the

irrepressible and exuberant writer and saxophonist has been the subject of attacks which make him ever more resolved and explicit in the criticisms he directs exclusively at Israeli and Diaspora Jewish nationalism :

” … Israelis do not know the Talmud. Israel regards itself still – it will change soon – as a secular society. So they are not driven by the kind of Jewish religion as we know it. They developed their own religion. On the other hand, the Marxist Jews : like the Bund – it’s like the Jewish Socialist Party of Eastern Europe – wanted to operate as a segregated, Jewish exclusive party, without being religious, and this led to me to the understanding that something went really wrong in the process of secularisation. They dropped God. This is not a problem. Many people don’t necessarily believe in God. They dropped religion, in general. But they maintained one thing – chosen-ness. Israelis and Zionists must believe they are chosen, because if they are not chosen they wouldn’t claim the Promised land to themselves. They took the bible, the spiritual texts and turned it into a Land Registry …”. Gilad Atzmon interviewed by Veronica Keen of the Montague Keen Foundation 4 December 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtQeKrC2kVc.

Scanning the mainstream press, TV and radio news reports about atrocities committed by Jewish settlers and the IDF, is to discover that, by and large, the Jewish State and its partisans – whether Jewish or non-Jewish – and key zionist umbrella organisations like the World Jewish Congress are in no way answerable for the murder and mayhem that is perpetrated every day in the name of World Jewry and under the banner of the Star of David.

Indeed using the same old chestnut – alleging antisemitism and anti-Jewish bias – the self same World Jewish Congress alongside the Jewish Chronicle now seeks to obstruct the possible election of Jeremy Corbyn MP to the leadership of the Labour Party because of his declared sympathy for the Palestinian cause at Westminster.

Gideon Levi, Shimon Tzabar, Shlomo Sand, Avrum Burg, Amira Hass, Uri Avnery, Tali Fachima, Mordechai Vanunu, Nurit Peled are some of the people whom Gilad Atzmon identifies in The Wandering Who ? (page 187) as among the most productive critical voices of Israel and Jewishness. He also includes in this list one of his mentors, the late Israel Shahak (1933-2001) a Polish-born Holocaust survivor and Israeli professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an equally controversial writer and journalist Israel Shamir.

In a November 2014 interview with Alimuddin Usmani, Gilad Atzmon explains graphically the fate awaiting Jews brave enough to step out of line or who, in the past, have gone so far as to renounce their Jewishness :

“Jews find it very difficult to deal with club members who resign. I am not the first one. Jesus was nailed to the wood. Spinoza was excommunicated. Uriel Da Costa was asked to lie down at the doorstep of the synagogue and endure the entire community spitting on him: humiliated and exhausted, he committed suicide. In recent time we saw the harassment campaign waged against Israel Shamir. And then the war against Gilad. It is pretty simple, there is nothing that threatens the Jew more than assimilation …”.

Where does this uniquely oppressive reign of terror originate ? The answer partly seems to lie in one racially-driven interpretation of the religious Judaic tradition, a ‘process of differentiation’ designed to segregate Jews from non-Jews and which has proven a major formative influence on Jewish religious thought and social culture, something occurring during the Babylonian ‘captivity’ period (597-538 BC) when a hard core of exiles forged a new national identity and a new credo. Over two millenia later, a similarly intransigent minority, strongly Zionist by conviction, claims arrogantly and misleadingly to represent the views and interests of the entire Jewish population in the world today numbering 16 million, of whom just over six million live in Israel.

An examination of the history of the Board of Deputies of British Jews indicates the fanaticism of Britain’s Zionist Federation during the Twenties and Thirties to ‘conquer from within’ Jewish communal organisations. Similarly today the so-called Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (CRIF) which governs with an iron hand France’s pro-Israeli policies, can only claim to represent a minority – one sixth – of French Jews.

In a series of masterly articles on the assassination of JFK, 9/11 and the American-Israeli neoconservatives, Laurent Guyénot refreshes our memory as to the precise rôles of Mossad and other Zionist operatives, whether by participating directly in the events themselves or by penetrating the organs of the USA’s deep state. He indicates specifically how, to realize their fantasies of world domination, a triple discourse was elaborated within their think tanks, beginning with a now defunct Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and its successor, the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI). To wit the Macchiavellian political philosophy developed by their guru Leo Strauss for domestic consumption, a cold-blooded analysis of Israeli strategic interests for the benefit of the ever sacrosanct Jewish State, and a fear-mongering over imaginary dangers to cozen US public opinion.

All of which begs the question of how many members of the core Jewish population and of the enlarged Jewish population – whether in individual countries or worldwide – feel represented by Israel or its generously funded antennae and lobbyists operating through the media and government agencies, under the auspices of various organisations like the British Israel Communications Research Centre (BICOM), the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD), CRIF, AIPAC, Labour (LFI), Conservative (CFI) and LibDem Democrat (LDFI) Friends of Israel etc. and whose function now is primarily warding off, inter alia, the prospect of a global explosion of intifada, given the degree of austerity and concomitant threat of intercommunal strife and the highly visible

and violently repressive nature of the internal apparatus of every nation state affiliated to NATO.

God alone knows how long we must endure the almost total impunity enjoyed by those who eulogize and/or apologise for Anglo-Zionist terrorism. This being the absolute sine qua non of what is required economically, socially, politically, philosophically- and in terms of infrastructure and hardware – to divide, rule and decimate populations who fail to share the diabolical value system of this accursed novus orbis terranum. A number

of privileged Jews and their non-Jewish cronies may continue to thrive temporarily on the backs of the police and security industries they have studiously developed. But their material prosperity is obtained at the expense

also of their supposed co-religionists, whose self image and public reputation is stunted morally and physically by acts of extreme cruelty inflicted on Arabs whose land and property Israel steals daily at the point of a gun.

Like a vile oversize cuckoo which has laid its egg in the nest of smaller passerine bird, the character of Israel in its current form poses an existental threat to World Jewry, objectively and psychologically, in bolstering the desperate sense of alienation foisted on countries hosting Jewish communities and on Zion, given that the move from ghettoes and shtetl settlements in Western, Central and Eastern Europe into a nation state walled off by an 8 metre (25ft) separation barrier is unconducive to reducing international tension and increases judeophobia.

Like me, my late father was a Londoner. Unlike him, I was born too late to be familiar with the world of the music hall. A deep affection for which he bore throughout his lifetime from the period of his poverty-sticken childhood. He would have been fourteen when, in 1956, the Battle of Cable Street took place in London’s East End where he lived with his widowed mother who struggled to keep the pair of them fed and clothed. It was an event he always recalled with pride. Himself a communist by conviction, a skilled pianist and a great lover of jazz and classical music, he always thought and spoke highly of the Jewish community. Were he to see today the depths of ignominy to which his birthplace has sunk, in large part due to the repugnant blackmail exercised by the Jewish lobby on the UK’s social psyche, he would be turning in his grave. However he didn’t live long enough to witness 9/11 and what ensued. Britain had to wait till 2007 for Harold Pinter, Eric Hobsbawn – both by then suffering from cancer – and others to step forward and openly, belatedly, break ranks with the BOD.

As is revealed in Chapter Eight (pages 66-77) of the MEM/Spinwatch 2013 Public Interest Investigations report on the British Israel Communications Research Centre (q.v.), when the Adam Werrity/Liam Fox scandal broke in 2011, Britain’s mass media provided totally disingenuous coverage and the subject is still taboo. On the one hand, proof exists of treason, of two Shabbos Goyim – one a Scottish businessman, the other an elected MP for North Somerset and Defence Secretary (May 2010-October 2011) betraying the national interest by lobbying on behalf of a foreign power and, on the other, the UK is dumbed down by a nationwide editorial policy of omertà with one newspaper – the ineffably ‘progressive’ Guardian – acting as a mouthpiece for the Israeli war machine.

Taxpayer unfriendly initiatives like ‘Tel Aviv sur Seine’, launched by the ‘France’s gauche caviar political class’ in Paris, are fully in compliance with US policies of ‘Constructive chaos’ and the reshaping the Greater Middle East inaugurated by the adepts of Leo Strauss and with, as a corollary, the destabilisation of Europe submerged by refugees fleeing the combat zones in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. In the light of what lies in store for us, as the situation goes from bad to worse, a timely publication of my six-part paper crafted in French may be what the doctor ordered. Especially with regards the suffocating climate of censorship and intimidation reigning in France as the CRIF inspired government crackdown criminalises dissent and outlaws free speech.

On this score alarm bells have been ringing ever since the furore aroused by the 2000 death at Netzarin in Gaza of Muhammad al-Durrah, filmed by cameraman Talal Abu Rahma and featuring in a report by Chef du Bureau France 2 in Israel, Charles Endelin. Again in 2011 France 2 journalists and their boss, Rémy Pflimlin, were to

come under attack in the wake of a France 2 reportage «Un oeil sur la planète» on the future of the Occupied Territories and showing how radical conservative Jewish and Christian organizations pressurize US foreign policy sufficiently to enable Israel to completely disregard UN resolutions. Within days the reporters were

inundated with abuse and hate mail and the CEO of France Télévisions was summoned by Israel’s ambassador and CRIF’s Richard Pasquier to justify his organisation’s editorial line. Published by JSS News on 6 October 2011, a hysterical, hyper alarmist article from arch Zionist Philippe Karsenty provides the icing on the cake.

Moving to Israel each and every one of the world’s 16 million Jews would require a whole lot more than the annhilation of the entire Palestinian population. Moreover the Jewish State would be deprived of a vitally important strategic trump card : Extortion. Hence the need for the idea of a Jewish State permanently under the threat of extermination and the policy of keeping overseas wealthy and influential Diaspora Jews, like Lord Levy and his US and EU counterparts, to mount and fund pressure on foreign governments to underwrite Israel’s crusade to vanquish or bring what remains of our blighted civilisation tumbling down about our ears.

Just like the old music hall number about Fred Carno’s Army – by means of which people of my parents’ generation would refer to the douche bags, dipsticks and dillweeds who pass for intelligentsia – we need an honest appraisal of the motives of the bigots and cowards who – to gag you when they’re losing the argument,

brandish political correctness, enabling them to conceal their own bias, without betraying their own prejudice.

Similiarly with their psyops and false flags, literally they take us all to be ‘Right Charlies’ – de vrais Charlots !

Just as ‘chosen-ness‘ has given birth to the very first and very worst kind of exceptionalism and snobbery, so the use of the hallowed term ‘progressive’ is designed to suggest a superior degree of ‘tolerance’ among a relatively small group of people to humiliate their adversaries and to create the illusion of a woolly, loose and spineless consensus favourable to their clannish and notoriously self-seeking interests. It is also another of the ploys and pirouettes of the spin doctors and their infernal think tanks for whom, like Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and his Blairite cheerleaders – the rallying cry is forever to keep ‘moving on’ – primarily to avoid arraignment for treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity – but also to approach a fabled Eldorado where supposedly industry, zeal and business are all cardinal virtues and immobility and intellectual harmony are mortal sins.

The thing we need to put behind us is this ‘cognitive dissonance’ which ideas of supremacism and élitism sow amongst us. Regarding specifically the Jews, they may indeed have a covenant with their God. But they are a part and parcel of humanity and when the Zionists among them begin to recognise that fact and start to conduct themselves accordingly, the world will be a better place for EVERYBODY. Should they continue to screw up, opting to wall themselves into an armed camp they must accept the consequences : to quote the saying of Jesus in the Bible “Those who live by the sword, shall perish by the sword”. Were, par malheur, they also to choose the Samson option (q.v.), such a reprehensible, dog in the manger act, would be anathema to their God and so lead to their spiritual destruction. On a down to earth key, the oppressed of this world, Jews and non-Jews alike, must remember that the class struggle is not a thing of the past. It is there, on the contrary, to empower us in our daily combat against the sense of humiliation that our allegedly ‘social superiors’ would seek to inculcate in us.

Finally with principles as fundamental as genuinely balanced reporting, free speech, metaphysical liberty and trias politica rendered null and void, as patriots are punished for thought crimes and political incorrectness : it’s time, maybe, to consider bearding the proverbial lion in his den and biting the time-honoured bullet.

En français : il serait temps, peut-être, d’envisager de prendre le taureau par les cornes et de se jeter a l’eau …

Paul Matthews
Poet & Writer

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.


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JUIF? Selon Alain Soral .Une série filmée et montée par ESTI https://estifilme.wordpress.com/ Je l’ai filmé le 17 octobre 2014, au tribunal, avant le procès qui oppose le journaliste Frédéric Haziza à Alain Soral. Ce dernier sera jugé pour ces 4 chefs d’accusation :– Invective constitutive d’une injure et portant gravement atteinte à l’honneur et à la considération de M. Haziza ;– Délit d’injure publique commise envers une personne en raison de son appartenance à une religion déterminée ;– Délit de contestation publique de crime contre l’humanité ;– Délit de provocation publique à la discrimination, à la haine ou à la violence à l’égard d’un groupe de personnes en raison de leur appartenance à une religion déterminée. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlBBZmLYTp4.

Entretien avec Agnès Soral par Alimuddin Usmani 26 avril 2015


Independent Jewish Voices https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Jewish_Voices.

Gilad Atzmon: The BOD is in a Constant Tantrum December 01, 2011 / Gilad Atzmon


Battle of Cable Street https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cable_Street.

Bataille de Cable Street https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bataille_de_Cable_Street

The Jewish Temple : The Babylonian Exile (597 – 538 BCE) http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/Exile.html.

September 11: Inside Job or Mossad Job ? by Laurent Guyénot Israel’s role in the events of September 11, 2001—that shape the 21st century—is the subject of bitter controversy, or rather a real taboo even within the 9/11 Truth Movement, causing the ostracism of the man who dared to broach the subject, Thierry Meyssan. Most advocacy groups, mobilized behind the slogan “9/11 was an Inside Job,” remain discreet regarding the evidence involving the secret services of the Jewish state. Laurent Guyénot focuses on certain compelling—though grossly under reported—facts and analyzes the mechanisms of denial. Voltaire Network | 10 July 2013 http://www.voltairenet.org/article179295.html en français : http://www.voltairenet.org/article179106.html. 28 juin 2013.

“The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives” by Laurent Guyénot To realize their fantasies of world domination, the neocons resorted to a triple discourse, as Laurent Guyénot shows in this study, i.e. a cynical political philosophy developed by their mentor Leo Strauss for domestic consumption; a cold analysis of Israeli strategic interests for the benefit of the leaders in Tel Aviv, and a fear-mongering warning against imaginary dangers besetting U.S. public opinion. Voltaire Network | 27 May 2013 http://www.voltairenet.org/article178638.html en français : http://www.voltairenet.org/article177373.html. 1er mars 2013.

Kennedy, the Lobby and the Bomb by Laurent Guyénot Exactly fifty years ago a crucial episode took place in the history of “U.S. democracy”; an epic struggle whose outcome would influence the future of the entire world. Guyénot Laurent revisits those events and recalls what was at stake at that critical historical juncture. Voltaire Network | 2 May 2013 http://www.voltairenet.org/article178401.html en français http://www.voltairenet.org/article178265.html 24 avril 2013

«À la mort de Kennedy, le deuil fut profond dans le monde arabe, où son portrait ornait de nombreux foyers. «Désormais, De Gaulle est le seul chef d’État occidental sur l’amitié de qui les Arabes peuvent compter», dira Abdul Gamal Nasser […]La mort de Kennedy désinhiba à nouveau ce terrorisme machiavélique dont Israël s’est fait une spécialité. Deux jours avant la fin de la guerre des Six Jours, l’armée israélienne lançait contre le navire USS Liberty la plus fameuse et la plus calamiteuse de ses agressions sous fausse bannière. Par la journée ensoleillée du 8 juin 1967, trois bombardiers Mirage banalisés et trois bateaux torpilleurs portant pavillon israélien bombardèrent, mitraillèrent et torpillèrent durant 75 minutes ce navire de la NSA (National Security Agency) non armé, stationné en eaux internationales et facilement reconnaissable, avec l’intention évidente de ne laisser aucun survivant, mitraillant même les canots de sauvetage. Ils ne cessèrent qu’à l’approche d’un navire soviétique, après avoir tué 34 membres de l’équipage, pour la plupart ingénieurs, techniciens et traducteurs. On suppose que, s’ils avaient réussi à couler le navire sans témoin, les Israéliens aurait attribué leur crime à l’Égypte, de sorte à entraîner les États-Unis dans la guerre aux côtés d’Israël. Selon Peter Hounam, auteur de Operation Cyanide : Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III (2003), l’attaque du Liberty avait été secrètement autorisée par la Maison-Blanche, dans le cadre du projet Frontlet 615, «un arrangement politique secret passé en 1966 par lequel Israël et les USA s’engageaient à détruire Nasser». Les ordres émis par la Maison-Blanche ce jour-là, qui retardèrent de plusieurs heures les secours, suggèrent que Johnson n’a pas seulement couvert les Israéliens après-coup, mais a comploté avec eux. Oliver Kirby, Deputy Director for Operations à la NSA à l’époque, a rapporté au journaliste John Crewdson du Chicago Tribune (2 octobre 2007) que les transcripts des communications des avions israéliens interceptées par la NSA et transmis à Washington immédiatement, ne laissaient aucun doute sur l’identité des attaquants, et sur le fait que ces derniers avaient identifié leur cible comme états-unienne avant de l’attaquer : «Je suis prêt à jurer sur une pile de bibles que nous savions qu’ils savaient [que le navire était américain] [23]». Démasqué, Israël invoqua une erreur de cible et offrit ses excuses, dont se contenta Lyndon Johnson sous le prétexte que «Je ne vais pas embarrasser notre allié». [24] Lorsqu’en janvier 1968, Johnson reçut le premier ministre israélien Levi Eshkol à Washington puis l’invita dans son ranch du Texas, les rapports furent chaleureux. Israël en tirera une leçon d’impunité dont l’influence sur son comportement futur ne doit pas être sousestimée : le prix à payer en cas d’échec dans une opération sous faux drapeau contre les États-Unis est nul. En fait, l’échec est impossible, puisque les États-uniens se chargeront eux-mêmes de couvrir le crime d’Israël. Mieux encore, Johnson récompense Israël en levant toute restriction sur le matériel militaire : armes et avions US affluent aussitôt vers Tel-Aviv, faisant bientôt d’Israël le premier client de l’industrie militaire états-unienne …». Il y a cinquante ans – Kennedy, le lobby et la bombe par Laurent Guyénot http://www.voltairenet.org/article178265.html 24 avril 2013

Charlie – Cockney rhyming Slang (ˈtʃɑːlɪ) n. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Charlie.

  1. Brit a silly person; fool
  2. Austral a girl or woman

[C20: for sense 1: shortened from Charlie Hunt, rhyming slang for cunt;

sense 2 is shortened from Charlie Wheeler, rhyming slang for sheila].

Samson Option https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samson_Option.

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