Conversation: Help give courage to a voice rising in fascist occupied Ukraine

Source: Vineyard of the Saker (German edition)

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We had stayed here several times mentions the case of Ruslan Kotsaba which in Ukraine has been sitting now nine months in prison because he has taken a position in a video against the mobilization. Here are links to our previous coverage:

The case Grossheim (February 10) Long live the freedom of the press! (April 18) journalists and prisons (August 25th)

Previously, shows the Ukrainian government neither sonderliche hurry to actually let it come to a process, moreover, to release him from custody.

In his last interview, Ruslan was very discouraged.

He does not give up, I want to ask you to do the following:

Writes him a postcard. Best postcard with a picture of the place in which you live. Because a collection of postcards from many different places at best helps to make courage.

The address is:

Ruslan Kotsaba, Ivano-Frankivsk Detention Center, E. Konovalets 70, Ivano-Frankivsk 76018, Ukraine

Addendum – a small tip of a reader, if you want to make sure that the card also matters: leave at the nearest branch of the German Red Cross. This registers the card, so it can not just disappear.

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