Conversation: Is Turkey Finally Being Thrown Under The Buss?, By Eva Bartlett

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*Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari (image from

Below is a very interesting recent series of statements, followed by Q&A with Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari on turkey’s latest criminal aggression against Syria, as well as turkey’s history of violating Syria’s sovereignty and abetting, funneling terrorists into Syria.

*I typed out some choice remarks by Dr. al-Ja’afari*

“Nowadays everybody knows what’s going on in Syria. The turkish government is responsible of dealing, trading with ISIL. Buying oil, gas, and artifacts from ISIL. Facilitating the movement of this illegal, illegitimate trade of artifacts and gas and oil through turkish territory into some european capitals and ‘israel’.

So the story is over, the game is over. The turkish wrong and irresponsible policies are very well known to everybody. It’s time to put the turkish rulers at the seat of confession in front of the Security Council.”


“The whole war against is a war crime and a war against humanity. The economic boycott–taking the form of unilateral economic coercive measures for 5 years. Blockade. All kinds of boycott has been implemented by these aggressive countries towards my government–by the way, they are the same countries supporting the armed groups, the terrorist groups, operating in Syria and Iraq.

Definitely we have credible information that the so-called US led alliance struck the hospital in the northern part of Syria, but as usual the easiest way for them is to trigger a hostile campaign against the Syrian government–within the media–to accuse and defame the Syrian government, or our allies the Russians, of doing so and being behind such criminal act against a hospital.”


“Which ‘opposition’? We have 1000 ‘oppositions’.”

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The Allegedly Secret German-Turkish Agreement that could bring 1.5 Million Migrants, by Stratediplo

Source: Stratediplo

Just a few days ago the European dissident press was moved to the “revelation” to the Hungarian Members on 10 February by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, ofan alleged secret German-Turkish agreement for the transfer from Turkey, for distribution to within the European Union, of 400,000 to 500,000 more Syrians.

This is not a scoop since the same Viktor Orbán had already said on Dec. 2 that he expected the announcement of the agreement within a few days, knowing that as was shown while raising this issue again on 11 November summit of Valletta (and already at the stormy European Council of 15 October), it would not be very well accepted.

This is not new. Through its memo 15-5777, submitted by President Jean-Claude Juncker to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on October 5th and broadcasted on the 6th, the European Commission summarized the Action Plan developed by a Turkish-European Joint Committee following the informal European Council of September 23 (and perhaps imagined at the dinner of May 17), and I believe not disclosed to date except for the provisions that have been included in the agreement of November 29. The memo, issued to the heads of state as a succinct agenda for the European Council of October 15 and 16 (which would be cut short the evening of the 15 following dissensions), refers to ” EU resettlement schemes and programmes, which could enable refugees in Turkey to enter the EU in an orderly manner. “

It is indeed not a German-Turkish agreement, even though when sent to Turkey on October 18 to negotiate on behalf of the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel may well have suggested to President Erdoğan that this was a German initiative, like the call of August 24 for massive illegal intrusion, which french President François Hollande went to Berlin specifically to support (rather than to Brussels).The agreement we are talking about at the moment has unfortunately nothing German but is actually a clause in an EU Turkish agreement and the destination of the settlers (they are legally not refugees) that Turkey must provide is not Germany but the whole of the European Union, according to the distribution key negotiated in May, the famous quotas that initially attributed only 14.17% of illegal intruders to France which therefore insisted to finally get 20%.

This agreement is not a real secret. Lauriane Lizé-Galabbé had publicly denounced it on October 8, just three days after the European presidents Jean-Claude Juncker (Commission), Donald Tusk (Council) and Martin Schultz (Parliament) had personally told Ottoman President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan their acceptance. Stratediplo, who only comments on open source information, mentioned it on October 16 (sommet de dupes ), and said on November 29, after the official signing of the agreement which did not mention any figures, that we were unaware ” by how much had been raised the promise of installation in the European Union of the half-million colons to be sent by Turkey ” ( victoire turque ou capitulation uniopéenne ? ).

The figures unveiled by Prime Minister Orbán are likely outdated. The details of this proposal predated the Russian intervention in Syria and included the delivery to Turkey of a territorial fringe of northern Syria, as already promised by the United States on July 27, nevertheless after the Russian intervention the EU could not give this piece of Syria and Turkey has demanded more in compensation.Whereas until the end of September the European Union planned to offer Turkey a billion euros, the oral proposal of the three European presidents on October 5 already amounted to three billion (to compensate for the inability to offer a piece of Syria) even though President Juncker claimed to the European Council of the 15 that he had proposed only a billion, and furthermore on the 18 hisnegotiator Merkel was forced, in Ankara, to accept the principle of an annual renewal of these three billion (the agreement signed on November 29 mentionesan initial amount of three billion ” subject to review “).

After the chilly reception reserved to this idea at the European Council of October 15, especially by the group of Višegrad, opponents such as Viktor Orbán certainly have not been kept informed of the continuation of negotiations with the Sublime Porte, and no figure has been mentioned in the agreement signed on November 29. But it is very likely that the half a million “Syrian refugees” that the EU intended to propose on October 5 to go get in Turkey was not enough either to offset the inability to give Turkey a portion of Syria. Since the proposed billion turned into a three billion (annual), it would not be surprising that the half a million refugees have been transformed into a million and a half, roughly the number of true Syrians present in Turkey (which would cease to be refugees as soon as they pass into a third country). The certification of syrianity of course relies on Turkey, since European countries who have severed all diplomatic contact with Syria are unable to distinguish a genuine passport issued in Syria from a fake one printed in Turkey.

This case is unfortunately only one of multiple felonies outlined in the Huitième Plaie in hopes of preventing the imminent change of scale of the invasion of Europe by Asia.


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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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