Conversation: Raise the Voice

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Raise the voice

To) breathe to raise the voice
(To) take off as far as a swift eagle
To breathe a glorious future
Makes more sense if we do it together
(To) get rid of all coyness
(To) take the bull by the horns
To not fall to the oppressive
To walk straight, without fear
Breathe and raise the voice

My pockets are empty
Broken lips
Sored skin
Each time I glimpse at the void,
Worn shoe soles
Tied up hands
A sing on the front door
Always said it was closed.
A thorn stuck
An infected wound
An overwhelmed anger
In everything and nothing
A clumsy step on the edge, aimless,
Each time I lose sense of reality
I don’t have support
The time that hits
And stabs me
It kills me quickly
I cannot catch it with my hands
But I have my special place
Raise the voice
I’m not alone
I’m with myself

My love is forgotten
Tired, exhausted
Shattered on the ground it fell
An upset glare
A clenched fist
I have nothing, nothing at all
In this puddle
The jaw fixed
A ready word
Each letter sharpened
In the wale’s height
Without any glory
I shall write this story
Must not stumble
To stand up is to win
To come back
Open the door
Be aware, be alert
Raise the voice that was dead
And make it an orchestra
Walk, firm, free, fearlessly
To breathe and raise your voice

In a string hang the stanza
That the wind swings
That little times it deserves
Each sorrow, raise your voice,
Each cough
Thinking about raising your voice.

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