BBC – Britain’s Anti-Russian Ministry of Disinformation, by Graham Phillips

Source: The Truth Speaker

As most anyone in the UK, from the UK, I grew up watching the BBC. Blue Peter, Friday Film Specials, and news – John Craven. Going on to a lifetime of watching the BBC. I still watch news on the BBC, but in a different way now. I actually now feel involuntary twitches of disgust every time I watch a piece on BBC news.

Before, I’d watch BBC News as kind of an extended family member – the logo, the studio, all familiar like a father figure. But now, it’s like you’re one ofJohn Darwin’s children, discovering that your father has lied to you, likely lied to you all his life. I can say this, having covered events myself in Crimea, Donbass, seeing first hand how things were, and then how the BBC made them out to be.

The BBC lie. They twist, contort, distort. And a particular bias of the BBC in recent times, has been a strident anti-Russian polemic which seems to effortlessly correspond with the UK government’s own. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has stated many times how he views Crimea’s 2014 reunification with Russia as ‘annexation’, ‘under the barrel of a Kalashnikov’etc. Who did the BBC send to cover Crimea, only Daniel Sandford (who duly came up with all the ‘annexation’ stuff on demand), a man who makes no secret of detesting Russia. A long journey through Sandford’s tweets would be to try to find something positive about the country. A rather shorter one, to find the countless negatives Sandord passes on, despite not evening being Moscow correspondent anymore –

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Sandford also covered Euromaidan, and what was the BBC’s position on that? Blanket support at the time, only a year later getting round to admittingthat things perhaps hadn’t been as they first portrayed them. But, by that time, protest had long turned into war in Donbass, as a result of the government Euromaidan put in power in Ukraine. What was the BBC’s take on that? The same as the UK government’s, against the Donbass uprising.

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