Insight from an island far from Donbass

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By David Simpson

Ed note: As a part of the DONi Newsteam coverage of the war in Donbass we are reaching out to persons in Donbass and worldwide to share their views on a wider level. If you have a story or would like to be interviewed in person or by email, contact Dave Simpson at:

In today’s interview we visit with a guest from New Zealand, an exotic Island far away in the South Pacific Ocean. Tate Ulsaker and his family live on a farm with sheep, fruit trees and wooded areas. Not all that different from parts of our area. Interestingly, he and his family know a little about Russia and the Donbass situation.

DONi: Tell us a little about your life in your country. Age? What do you do for a living? Size of family? Pets? Hobbies or interests? What do you think about the country you live in? it’s strengths? weak points?

Tate Ulsaker: Hello Dave, thank you for this opportunity to address the situation in Donbass. It is really great to see other Americans who care about the state of our planet. There are many of us growing in awareness but few of us taking effective steps to do anything about it. The human race owes a big thank you to people like you and many others who risking their reputations and in many cases, also risking their lives to stand against warmongers for the sake of the innocent getting killed. I am happy to provide you with an interview but I am not a hero. I am just more informed than average and have strong feelings about the matter. My name is Tate Ulsaker. I am half a century old. Our family is bilingual Russian/English. I have lived and worked in Russia for 14 years from 1993 to 2007 inclusive. One day in Moscow, my wife and I decided to move to a place where we can truly enjoy the rest of our lives with our children also in mind. After 2 years of investigation, our destination was selected in 2005 – New Zealand. We currently reside on a 10 acre lifestyle farm in Nelson, the sunniest city of New Zealand. I live with my wife and two children and quite often grandparents. We have a dog, a cat, 20-something sheep, 100 fruit trees and a small forest for firewood. In many ways, this existence is idealistic. Compared to our previous life, we relatively stress free, happier and healthier. New Zealand has many strengths and quite minimal weak points relative to other countries. The positives are easy to immediately experience if you visit even for just a short time. The first thing you will notice is that New Zealand has beautiful nature. If you google images, you can see amazing and diverse beauty. And imagine that much of that scenery is not even occupied by people. New Zealand sheep have some of the best views on the planet because there are very few people per square kilometer compared to most countries. We have abundant wildlife, a peaceful society, clean cities, healthy food, lots of arable land per person, lots of fish per person, lots of lamb per person, and much good weather for everyone.The society here is generally open-minded. New Zealanders are generally very self-sufficient. They are a “can do” people. It is easy to find a person who knows about building houses, or building boats, or farming, or fishing, or exporting logs. There is resilience here and a diverse economy that would survive a global economic crash. Some weak points of New Zealand include the cost of living. People who immigrate into this society need to be aware that their income will generally drop and their expenses will generally rise. Also, not everything is clean and green in New Zealand. We have a chemically driven agriculture industry like everyone else, subject to poisonous runoffs. The big orchards are always spraying dangerous chemicals to control pests. But pollution is less. The politics of New Zealand are certainly better than in larger western countries, but many of the same features are here, and in the mainstream media. For example, New Zealand mainstream media is promoting everything that the American media promotes regarding the wars and bailouts and trade agreements. However, since New Zealand society is more awake, the media can’t be so outrageously obvious in their warmongering as they are in the US.

DONi: How did you first learn about the situation in Donbass? How do you get your news about Donbass? What opinions do you have about the conflict?

Tate Ulsaker: I first learned about the conflict from Day 01 during the Maidan sniper incidents. It was the second time George Soros was involved in provoking war in Ukraine. From the moment I understood George Soros was involved, I instantly understood that Ukraine was being provoked into another resource war and I understood the forces involved were the same ones involved in all these wars and for the same goals.Oddly enough, my news about Donbass currently comes from my Facebook stream primarily. It wasn’t always this easy. My friends list has been groomed basically into a news feed. On any given day, I can access a reliable feed of diversely sourced reports on many subjects of interest and I see what the mainstream news fails to tell us because my friends list are comprised of informed individuals. I vet their contributions over time and keep only the good ones in my news feed. I study more than the Ukraine war. I study globalism and tyranny and the New World Order and the rising new feudalistic economy. All those things are the same and they are all driven by the same institutions, and even by the same people, and in many cases, the people pushing these goal have been doing so generationally, as their grandfathers and great grandfathers have done. Globalists want a global government. Ukraine is a very central event that the globalists want to exploit to achieve their world government. As with so many other countries prior to Ukraine, they are rampaging through resource-rich zones of the planet using every lie and provocation at their disposal in their desperate attempt to secure their New World Order before their Ponzi-scheme currency fails and before they are taken into a world court for their many crimes against humanity. Ukraine is being used by the globalist in two ways: 1) to steal resources and 2) to provoke more war with other countries as a means to overcome the entire planet with their world government, or “New World Order” as they like to call it. Making war for increasing profits and expanding power is nothing new to these groups. What makes Ukraine special is the proximity connection to Russia. Russia is the big prize for these people. No country is richer in resources. No country is larger in size. The globalists love to steal and occupy on their way towards global government so Russia represents the biggest theft and occupation opportunity that these people have ever had. Now that their Ponzi-scheme currency is coming to its end, they know that their time is short. Also, Russia represents everything these people hate. Remember, they are global bankers that function as parasites. They don’t produce anything. But they want to control everything. Their plan is that we produce everything on the planet, and they control everything on the planet. We keep maybe half of our earnings and they keep the other half. We are the 99.999% and they are the 0.001%. That is in my view a fairly accurate assessment of where the trends are headed and it is not by accident. Russia has the most resilient economy and society on the planet. The globalists will obviously not allow resilience and self-sufficiency because they can’t tax or own such independence. When every country is dependent upon the one world currency, the globalists will have achieved their goal. When every country is depending on trading agreements in order to have goods needed for survival, the globalists will have achieved their goal. They want all nations to be wholly dependent upon a global government, a global currency, a global police force and global trade for survival. When no country is resilient and every nation is dependent, that is what they want. It is the desire of slave masters or autocratic kings or ancient pharaohs and Caesars. To these people, the war in Ukraine is their best and fastest chance to very cheaply open up a wound against Russia and begin the long process of creating divisions, collapse, civil unrest as required to enslave the country through debts and wars. This is generally their method of operation in so many other countries. But there are some problems. The globalists can’t wait forever. The power of the globalists is waning against the rising BRICS. Also, the resistance in Ukraine by the people of Donbass represents a stalemate on the front lines of this effort to attain a global government. In some ways, it is not an exaggeration to say, that the resistance in Donbass represents the resistance of humanity against the slavery and death offered by the globalists to so many countries in the world. The globalists have no national identity. They can just as easily destroy Europe as they have destroyed the Middle East. Profit drives their decisions so none of us are safe under this kind of corporate tyranny.

DONi: Who do you think is to blame for the situation in Donbass? What does the media in your country tell you about the war here?

Tate Ulsaker: The blame for war in Donbass is firstly and foremost on the shoulders of the warmongers who promoted this war and who benefited financially from this war. Without them, these wars would not be possible.Why is US Senator John McCain receiving the most money from the war contractors than any other member of the Senate? Is it because he is the best one at promoting the war to the US public? Does the money influence his reasoning skills when he advocates war with Syria and Ukraine and Libya and Iran and Iraq and every other place? We need to investigate every individual that makes money on these expanding wars.Why is Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden sitting on the board of the largest Ukraine gas company named Burisma? Is he in Ukraine because he loves the people of Ukraine or because he is the best expert on Ukrainian gas that can be found on the planet? We need to investigate everyone who is trying to make Ukraine into an Iraq while stealing resources from the land of bombed out civilians.Why does George Soros get away with perfecting color revolutions, currency crashes, civil unrest, coops, war instigations? Is it because he has 20 billion dollars officially and only God knows how much in reality? Is it because he has off shore accounts and doesn’t pay taxes? George Soros needs to be investigated for his part in causing Maidan and hundreds of other profitable conflicts around the world. There are thousands of western companies and individuals making money on the war in Ukraine and many of them are the same ones promoting obvious lies about the war. All of them need to be investigated. After WWII there was a famous saying: “Never Again!”. But it is happening again and the same Nazi spirit has been revived, even down to using the Nazi flag and Nazi salute. It is a surreal experience to see this all happening in Ukraine funded by the west against Russian civilians for their vision of getting a world government. But the biggest blame is systemic. Let’s face it, the world is being run by privately-owned central bankers that derive their power from issuing debts into governments and institutions. The solution is clear – we need to ban the parasitic system of privately-owned debt-based currency. If we can just do that one thing, the parasites that run the world will lose their biggest source of power. Many will disappear. If we then also replace the parasitic monetary system with a publicly run, transparently audited, sound money system, the planet would instantly be transformed because for once in hundreds of years, actual producers would be in control and the parasites would lose ground fast. The spirit of money transactions would reflect the same spirit of those who make the deals. It is a very simple concept. We can talk about prosecuting criminals but unless we change the incentives for criminality, we will always be fighting a losing battle. The absurd money system results in an absurd world run by psychopaths. That is what should be changed. The reasoning behind that is sound. I watched 15 minutes of mainstream news in the last year, and it was too much time wasted. One evening while on a business trip in a hotel room, I turned to the news and I saw a news anchor ask a New Zealand military general the question: “Is New Zealand doing enough in Syria”. And of course the General began a long speech about how New Zealand should not act too quickly but some additional actions are important to spread democracy and stop the wars in the region. This is the kind of nonsense we are expected to swallow from our warmongering system that drives relentlessly towards owning the planet through debt systems. Unfortunately, New Zealand mainstream media is owned by the same global interests and utilizes the same social engineering campaigns against their population. But New Zealanders are less gullible than their American counterparts on average I must say.

DONi: What is your view of American involvement in the Donbass war?

Tate Ulsaker: The evidence shows very clearly that the US involvement in Ukraine has been longstanding and deep and of priority importance to the big money interests. We can just look at the hundreds of billions of dollars lent to the Ukrainian government by the IMF and World Bank over the years to see how important this region is to the globalists.Besides Ukraine, the US has been meddling politically and economically and militarily with all former Soviet Union satellite states and the “near abroad” for generations. The US economy, or “USEconomy” as some analysts call it has come to depend on increasing debts, which is usury, and expanding war, which is tyranny.To many industries, supporting wars presents to them a low risk return with very little up-front costs and very big pay-outs. War is a multi-trillion dollar economy. The big boys want war because war pays more. Even Bernie Sanders is pro-war and he sells it to the public by saying he is against the wars but if our troops are fighting then they need the very best equipment that money can buy. How about that for being the lesser of evils? Just promote war using different logic and you are a lesser of evils in the US today.The US is run like a corporation without moral direction and without judicial oversight, also lacking a truly independent media. Blind patriotism within society is certainly popular, but it doesn’t help society awaken to the reality that they are also being targeted for slavery and death when it suits the globalists to do so. Many people are figuring this out now only because the war crimes and war profits are so obviously interconnected.

DONi: What is your opinion of Russia involvement in the Donbass war?

Tate Ulsaker: Russia is very involved in the Donbass war. I have seen photos and videos of many convoys of humanitarian aid going there, ha ha.More to the point, the western media has been reporting 100 separate times that Russia “has invaded Ukraine”. But the only obvious and large military force in Ukraine is NATO and their right sector proxy army funded by western loans on the basis that the killing of Russian civilians must continue.Here is a little fact that western media has never reported and will never report but it is the most obvious fact in the Ukraine war. The only civilians dying are in eastern Ukraine where the Russians live. Not a single Russian bomb has fallen onto a western Ukrainian civilian or a western Ukrainian apartment block or school or hospital or park or city street or government building. But all of those things have happened to eastern Ukraine and hundreds of thousands of Russian civilians have been dislocated, thousands have died in their homes, schools, hospitals because the US wants war and pays for war and the reasons are all so obvious because it is the same right through all of these many wars. Regarding the response of Russian civilians in the area of battle, their fight is defensive in nature. Regarding the response of Russia as a nation, they are strategically running circles around about 40 warmongering states in NATO plus some unlikely allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Israel plus some gulf states. What sort of deals have these guys made to war against Syria using ISIS as a mutually funded, mutually staffed proxy army to push stolen oil through Turkey? Unbelievable. And Russia’s response in Donbass was to not get visibly engaged but to instead rip the heart out of the entire series of all these wars when they hit ISIS in Syria and expose the globalist genocidal campaigns for profits in that entire area, indeed in all these wars the objectives and strategies has been identical, only getting bolder and more obvious over time. Is Russia right or wrong to care about Ukraine? That is a question we might ask of those who accuse Russia of being involved 1% compare to the 99% involvement of NATO. Let’s see if the shoe fits on the other foot. For example: What if Russia funded a coop in Ireland? Wouldn’t the heads spin in London? Do you see the parallel? What if the Ukraine war would happen in an identical way but instead of the US funding a coop in Ukraine, Russia would fund a coop in Ireland. Imagine a new government of puppets installed by Russia, and imagine that the first thing this government does is to bomb hundreds of thousands of English civilians living in Ireland because they don’t want to be ruled by Russian puppets. Then imagine that Russia accuses England of invading Ireland when they didn’t invade but there are many Russian tanks and planes and troops coming into Ireland during the time of these accusations. And for over 2 years, the Russian installed puppets bomb English civilians and the mainstream media can only report how bad England is, how tyrannical and aggressive their leader is, how much they want to invade Europe. My point here Dave, and I know you get this, but the American people have completely lost their ability to feel empathy. To feel empathy you need to consider what you would feel like if you were in the position of another human being that is suffering. So far 10 million civilians have been killed in resource wars abroad since the 3,000 people were killed in New York on 9/11. And not a single one of those dead people were responsible for doing 9/11. A proper investigation of that attack would uncover some very interesting people, many of them would also feature as beneficiaries from these ongoing wars. If the world was given a transparent and diligent investigation into 9/11 and these resource wars that followed, it would be a major human event without parallel and it may just push humanity into a new evolutionary level where we stop worshiping people as a group just because they have power and money and popularity.

DONi: What opinions have you formulated about the current Kiev administration?

Tate Ulsaker: I believe, probably like you and most others do who follow the news, that the Kiev administration are simply puppets with power given to them by the US and they have a specific job to do, which includes selling out all of Ukraine to western interests and provoke a hot war with Russia. For that, their off shore accounts are stuffed with cash. And when their usefulness comes to an end, so their life may also come to an end just as easily as it did with CIA asset and US ally Saddam Hussein. No honor among thieves.

DONi: Do you feel safe in your own nation expressing your views about Donbass?

Tate Ulsaker: Yes I do. Luckily for people like me, the general society of New Zealand does not believe the talking points put out by the US Pentagon. Nor do they believe that their politicians always have their best interests in mind or in their wallet. My experience of society here is one of genuine openness.

DONi: What officials in your government are you familiar with? Do you have a favorite(s)? If so, why do you like them?

Tate Ulsaker: John Key is our Prime Minister. New Zealanders say that he is completely in the back pocket of Washington. He recently pushed for the totalitarian TPPA “trade” agreement that gives corporations a dominant position over entire governments for the sake of profit while disregarding national sovereignty and the wishes of those who desire to self-govern. John Key is like so many western politicians these days, always ready to sell state assets to private foreign interests. Before politics, he made his millions as a currency speculator, even attacking the New Zealand dollar from London. He golfs with Obomba. What else is there to say? Winston Peters is generally respected. I haven’t heard him say anything I disagree with. The Maori Party consistently surprises me. Although they aren’t perfect, their views are remarkably consistent with ecology and human rights. When new drilling or mining operations are being considered, their argument is always for how to leave the future better than the present so that our children’s children can have a pristine nature to enjoy with abundance over and above what we enjoy today. This is the kind of thinking that is nearly dead in western thinking but still alive in many indigenous cultures of the world. I believe that we would all do well to understand this ancient way of thinking. However, regarding politics, I am one of those strange people that don’t believe a single figurehead should be responsible for deciding the fate of millions of people for 4 or 5 years at a time covering every issue of the nation. In my view, the trends towards consolidation of power need to be reversed. Power and money consolidation has been on a one-way trend for many generations to the point that we have 65 individual people owning half the planet officially. This is mind boggling. And we still look for a leader to lead us out of the messes created by the same system these leaders ultimately end up representing. This is really a doomed philosophy. If we ascribe to this philosophy, we may become a doomed race.

DONi: How do you see the situation in Donbass ending or being resolved?

Tate Ulsaker: A sane outcome could happen if the US were to fall from within as Rome did. Like Rome, the US is also an empire with an overly extended tyrannical military force and a rapidly debasing currency and falling real productivity. The falling real productivity has been masked by spoils of war acquisitions and debt enslavement schemes but this can’t go on forever. Eventually, all frauds come to an end and the US economy is a total fraud as are US politics. So time is ultimately on the side of Donbass. That is why continuing the resistance on all fronts is so important. Many people still don’t understand the genius of Putin when he did not move his military into the trap that was set for him in Ukraine. Instead of responding with direct military confrontation in Ukraine, he responded indirectly there, while keeping the moral high ground, and his direct response was in Syria where he showed the entire world how to mop up ISIS quickly. He also exposed the ISIS-Turkey oil routes which implicated the entire western system in war profiteering. Their game is over in the minds of thinking people and it is because Russia showed the evidence of videos and burning convoys and documents. Then after that, the insiders started talking. Clearly now, the entire genocide-for-oil scheme is made painfully clear. I don’t say that Putin is perfect, but he towers above nearly every other figurehead on the planet for his statesmanship, strategy, and love for his country and resolve to see things through. It is difficult to really comprehend how much damage the west has inflicted onto the planet. Many ancient civilizations have been pounded into radioactive dust because of some lies about WMDs and tyrants but it was all about the quick sale of stolen oil. How disgusting is that? Putin is lucky enough to be a strong man in defiance of such obvious criminal behavior and the world is lucky that at least one Putin was there at this time when the planet is almost consumed by the systems of these people.The situation in Donbass has to be resolved peacefully with residents surviving as a free people or the planet will tilt heavily in favor of totalitarianism or extinction or both. The globalists will not stop at Donbass. Russia and Iran are stated military targets of these people.

DONi: Where do you see Donbass five years from now?

Tate Ulsaker: We need Donbass to be either completely independent or a region of Russia.

DONi: If you could say anything to the people of Donbass, what would you tell them?

Tate Ulsaker: I love you. Syrians love you. Iraqis love you. American Indians love you. Vietnamese love you. All of humanity that has a soul and empathy loves you and supports you. Your fight is our fight. Your life is our life. We are inspired by your example of strength in the face of evil.

David “Dave” Simpson is an ex Agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who now works as a DONi reporter in Donetsk.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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