American Attack on the EU & the World, by Jorge Trevino

A Reader’s  Letter:

Lot’s has been written on the recent and multi American attacks on Russia, China and Latin America but few have been said about American containment against the European Union (EU). Western Europe or EU-NATO’s Europe has been historically seen as the closest American ally but I won’t refer them as the “Western world” as this is only a vague concept that covers up America and its main vassal states rebuilt after the WWII and during the Cold War in order to create an imaginative sense of belonging that could facilitate the American control on all of the Western Europe under the US umbrella via Brussels.

Once the Ukraine and Syria conflicts escalated with the participation of Russia on a spectacular coming back to the international arena from the ashes of the Soviet Union after a long break since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Boris Yeltsin’s bottle of vodka’s regime, the US set up a package of economic sanctions and politic pressures against Russia that have also hurt the US historic allies in Europe.

On the economic side it is well known that some European economic sectors are willing to end the sanctions as losses reach the billions of dollars, financial resources that are well needed within Europe’s low growth economies. At the same time and on the politic side, essential and long term American allies in Europe such as France and Germany have seen weakened their traditional leading role to their peers of Eastern Europe which from nowhere have started to take decisions at the highest level on what to do or not against Russia but also on strategic issues such as energy, foreign policy and military subjects.

The three Baltic States, Poland, Scandinavia and Rumania have taken the lead on Russia’s American containment with little to say from the former politic and economic hearts in Paris and Berlin, respectively. The former invincible German Chancellor Angela Merkel has Germany trapped in Turkish Erdogan’s blackmail of flooding Europe with refugees from the Middle East taken as hostages from what America has left after five years of simulated conflict against ISIS that we now know was nothing but a sick pathetic joke. As a result, Merkel has nothing to do but push for keeping the sanctions over Russia no matter whether it’s obvious that the economic sanctions are making Europe’s businesses a hostage of American failed military interventions and Ottoman’s own agenda in the region.

So all this take us to the following scenario: Europe, the ancient continent envy of the whole world and land of the brightest civilisations is now under threat on four fronts:

  1. The Atlantic front by the U.S. punishing its European “best friends” not only halting them of making business with Europe’s big brother but also pushing them straight into a possible military crash against Russian’s nuclear capacity, while at the same time Europe is being attacked by getting millions of refugees from Turkey if they don’t fulfil Erdogan’s imperial whims.
  1. The Eastern front by the emboldened micro Baltic republics, Ukraine, Poland, Rumania and more recently the Scandinavian states pushing dangerously toward Russian borders where no one knows where they will stop, or even if they will stop.
  1. The Southern front by Ottoman’s Turkey rebirth blackmailing Europe on a quite vulgar attitude of “Do as I say or attend the consequences and mess around with more millions of refugees Turkey can just let through into European’s territory.
  1. And the Internal front where 28 European members are pushing for their own agenda despite the union’s well being that in theory should be the one that prevailed. The smallest and poorest republics of Europe are now the decision makers of the EU under the American mentorship. It seems that George Orwell’s novel The Animal Farm published in 1945 predicted what was to happen in Europe 66 years later, the rule of the pigs! And there’s nothing that shows that the European governments have noticed that the Americans are targeting them too under an Americanism global reign where no one but them are to rule the world. Europeans didn’t pay attention to State Department’s officer Victoria Nuland’s of “Fuck Europe” when the Ukraine coup in 2014. That’s the core of the American foreign policy once they come up with a global Monroe’s Doctrine. It looks like the EU’s old leadership of Berlin can’t even put on track the North Stream pipeline on track bypassing the Ukraine through the Baltic Sea because the micro Baltic States refuse to give it a go following their local narrow anti-Russian agenda backed by the hawks in Washington.

So who is the sole winner of this entire situation where the EU, Russia, China, Iran, South America as a whole among many others are under siege on a macabre game where everyone is playing a vassal while the U.S. is successfully (so far) re-gaining its glory and global ruling they once had?

The U.S. is playing the game just fine. Russia and China, the only two multi-regional politic, economic,  and military powers able to defend themselves even at an unsatisfactory level, are doing what they do trying not to fall apart due to their limited resources and capabilities. The EU is playing the American game on a naive way thinking that at the end of this bet they will be part of the glory if there’s still a land where glory can happen.

All of these situations take us to the following scenarios:

1) American pressures, hidden under NATO’s umbrella, are to keep pushing the politic containment and military progress over Russian borders on a permanent quasi military conflict with the Europeans scared to death towards an imaginary Russian threat. This is the most likely scenario should Hillary Clinton and her squad of hawks takes office in November until one of the two sides shoot first or the capitulation of Russia as we know it now.

2) Should the previous scenario comes up the world would definitely be in need of a EU dissolution and the realignment of at least some of its mayor members away of NATO abandoning their confrontational behaviour against Moscow. This scenario would automatically catapult international relations into a brand new world order full of challenges but at the same time plenty of hope and opportunities.

3) Should Donald Trump takes office in November things could cool down for a while if he really is convinced about getting along with Russia and can resist the hawks from the American military complex and State Department avid of war. Obviously this scenario would turn the red lights on in Latin America but that’s a regional story that deserves another analysis.

4) A full geopolitics-military-economic alliance between China and Russia able to halt American imperialism where both countries hand to hand could financially and military form and strengthen the “New Silk Road” wherever might be possible. Russia will be in charge of providing its military and space knowhow and huge natural resources and agriculture lands while China could fund the infrastructure needed to reach that goal. Both together, Russia and China would serve as a magnet to engage new members to jump in.

If that is to happen, Russia and China will lead the world in the next two centuries to come as Asia contains the most populated markets of the world. The Americans know it well and that is why they are multi attacking Russia and China with everything they’ve got at hand and all at once. The two possibilities are hanging around: Or Russia and a few important EU countries with the courage and possibilities to challenge the US willing, or Russia and China.

Any other scenario is pushing strongly to either a European war between Europeans and Russia (if it can be contained not to go nuclear between the two nuclear giants) or the full containment of China incapable to challenge the US navy power in the Chinese South Sea.

As a last thinking of this article I just would like you all to think about every American movie we see at night before sleeping where the Americans save the world from global destruction. Well mates, the opposite is about to happen. Third World War is close and is not the Russians nor the Chinese’s nor the aliens to make that to happen; it’s our American folks that are pushing for a European war that would be quite difficult to keep it conventional. That is the big irony of our times, the Nazification of the US.

 Jorge Trevino

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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