ISIS is a US proxy army, by Tate Ulsaker

At some point, people are going to have to confront their own denial and admit that the US government is directly funding ISIS. These “accidental” transfers are made to look indirect. They are not indirect, they are directly moving from the US through US intermediaries to ISIS. What is so complicated about that?

If it happened once, maybe that could be called an accident.

If twice, there should be some court hearings and firings and possibly war crimes tribunals for those involved, but it still might be called an accident.

But you don’t call it an accident if the US is “accidentally” losing constant flows of small arms and money and convoys of artillery and missiles to ISIS through US paid intermediaries in Syria.

6 guardian

* Go to Google
* Type: US fund isis
* See result:

What are the top 10 organic results today?:

1) Global Research – “America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group” –

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